Nepal's relentless pursuit of obsolete ideologies, coupled with an entrenched fanaticism towards them, evokes profound sorrow, stifles progress, and leaves a lingering melancholic mark on the nation. In its quest for liberation, Nepal must fervently embrace novel, forward-thinking philosophies and ideologies, daringly reimagining the very essence of governance and democracy, harmoniously tailored to suit the ever-evolving demands of the 21st century.

In 2004, Francis Fukuyama famously referred to transhumanism as "the world's most dangerous idea." However, as we approach 2023, the notion that once appeared farfetched has garnered credibility as a potential future reality. What factors could be contributing to this shift in mindset?

The allure of Mars travel and settlement has captured widespread interest, leading to the sale of Martian land by various companies. While many envision a future where humans can travel to and live on Mars, renowned astronomer Martin Rees presents a contrasting perspective. He contends that our current human capabilities will not suffice for space travel and settlement.