DAMAULI, Nov 11: Five local units of Tanahun district have become free of the COVID-19 infection, said the district health office. The virus-free local units are Rishing, Ghiring, Devghat, Bandipur and Aanbukhaireni rural municipalities.

TANAHUN, Oct 21: The construction work of the 140 MW transmission line of Tanahun Hydropower Project under construction in Tanahun has finally gained momentum. So far, seven towers have been completed for the construction of a transmission line under Package-3 of the project.

DAMAULI, Oct 13: The family of a nine-year-old girl who died after being attacked by a cheetah has been provided relief assistance. The Bandipur Rural Municipality and the Division Forest Office have ensured Rs 100 thousand to the bereaved family as the expenses to conduct the mourning rituals.

DAMAULI, Oct 11: The Byas Integrated Madi River Valley Project, an ambitious project of Byas municipality of Tanahun, is gaining momentum.

TANAHUN, August 25: As many as 663 houses at Patan in Byas Municipality-5 in Tanahun district have been exposed to risks of being swept away by the local Madi river.

TANAHUN, August 16: An army man was pronounced dead after he fell off the roof of his house last night in Byas Municipality-3 of Tanahun district. The deceased has been identified as the 36-year-old Laxman Thapa, according to the District Police Office, Tanahu.

DAMAULI, April 6: Police have seized 13 vehicles from different sites in Tanahun district for illegally extracting river products.

TANAHU, Oct 8: A family in Tanahu district has been compelled to live in a cave due to poverty.

TANAHU, Oct 1: All services have been closed at the GP Koirala National Center for Respiratory Diseases located at Shuklagandaki municipality-5 in Tanahu district.

TANAHU, Sept 7: Two people were killed and six others sustained severe injuries as a jeep collapsed into the Deuli River of Rishing Rural Municipality on Monday.

Leopard menace in Tanahu

March 18, 2020 08:43 am

TANAHUN, March 18: In less than three months of a leopard taking the life of a toddler, another child of the same age has been attacked by the wild species. A leopard pounced on Sanskriti Neupane, the 21-month-old daughter of a local of Shuklagandaki Municipality – 3 on Monday evening hurting her on her legs, stomach and other parts.

TANAHUN, Feb 27: Tanahun district has produced oranges worth Rs 290 million this year. According to the Agriculture Knowledge Center, the district had produced oranges worth Rs 270 million last year.

Engineer and ward member held with bribe

February 11, 2020 11:00 am

DAMAULI, Feb 11: Engineer of Bhanu municipality of Tanahun Sukdev Adhikari and member of ward 13 Krishna Bahadur Adhikari were held with bribe on Monday.

TANAHUN, Jan 31: Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has stressed the need to keep technical education on priority.

Short of medicine mars service delivery

January 21, 2020 13:10 pm

TANAHUN, Jan 21: Shortage of medicine in the Tanahun district Ayurveda health centre has marred the patients. Patients visiting the health facility are being compelled to return home empty-handed in lack of generic medicines in the centre.

TANAHUN, Jan 13: Local people and families of those killed in a Tanahun bus accident have launched a protest at Ghiring rural municipality in the district demanding compensation. As a result, the road leading to the Bhimad entrance at Bhimad municipality-6 has been obstructed halting the traffic

Two killed in Tanahu bus plunge

January 10, 2020 15:16 pm

DAMAULI, TANAHUN, Jan 10: Two persons were killed and at least 18 others injured when a passenger bus skidded off the road and fell at Thanimai of Ghiring rural municipality-3 in Tanahu district today.

POKHARA/TANAHUN, Jan 7: On Sunday, an eight-year-old boy Pujan Sinjali was attacked by a leopard in Aanbu Khaireni Rural Municipality-8 in Tanahun district. The boy was attacked by the leopard when he was returning home from his maternal uncle's house.

TANAHUN, Jan 6: A two grader boy was killed in a leopard attack in Tanahun district last evening. According to Tanahun District Police Office, eight-year-old Pujan Sinjali Magar of Anbukhairani Rural Municipality-1 was killed from the leopard attack on his way back home from the maternal uncle's house near his village.

TANAHUN, Jan 6: No sooner than the sun sets, Fulmaya Nepali of Ratamata village in Tanahun shuts the doors and windows of her house. It is not the fear of thieves, but that of the leopards that roam her village as soon as it gets dark.

TANAHUN, Nov 9: Rafters and others interested in water activities are attracted toward Seti River these days as they find it warmer and more comfortable. Even as the winter is about to start, domestic and international tourists continue to visit the district to participate in water activities in the river.

Floriculture attracts youths in Tanahun

October 31, 2019 08:24 am

TANAHUN, Oct 31: When he tried his hands at horticulture a few years ago, Madan Poudel of Shuklagandaki Municipality was not very sure about its success. Although he knew there was a huge demand for flowers in the market, finding buying while the flowers were fresh seemed to be challenge. But with time, his business flourished. Now he has stable income not just during festivals like Dashain or Tihar, but also through the year.

TANAHUN, Sept 30: A day after alleged cadres of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) thrashed anti-corruption activist Gyanendra Shahi in Chitwan, Nepali Congress (NC) leader Minendra Rijal has faced obstruction from NCP cadres while he was on his way to attend a public function organized in Tanahun district on Sunday.


September 21, 2019 18:40 pm

The Week in Pictures for the week September 15-21, 2019.

Making time for your interests

September 20, 2019 11:16 am

It’s no secret that most of us like to travel and we use every opportunity we get to pack our bags and leave for a new place. But when it comes to making those arduous trips to Gosaikunda and Langtang a reality, we tend to find one reason or the other as to why we can’t make it ‘this’ time and keep putting it off. According to Sangharsha Bhattrai, a software engineer, artist, photographer, and traveler, traveling is all about giving up on making excuses and finding reasons to do it however scary and intimidating it might be instead.

Riverbanks filled with garbage in Tanahun

September 18, 2019 08:55 am

TANAHUN, Sept 18: When it was registered as a municipality 28 years ago, waste management was one of the major agendas of Byas Municipality in Tanahun. But even today, the municipality is yet to identify a landfill site.

Dancing to the beats of kaura

August 15, 2019 14:34 pm

Guests enjoying kaura dance performance at Tanahun Hilekharkha Community Homestay. These days, villagers who run homestay are attracting tourists preserving and showcasing their authentic tradition.

19 injured in Tanahun bus accident

August 4, 2019 11:45 am

TANAHUN, Aug 4: At least 19 injured when a bus met with an accident at Aabukhaireni rural municipality-5 along the Prithvi highway.

DAMAULI, June 27: The Tanahun District Court has ordered Bandipur rural municipality to stop its bid to expand the road from Piple to Bandipur.

TANAHU, June 9: Pushpa Adhikari, a nine-year-old girl of Bhanu Municipality-2, has been killed in a leopard attack on Friday evening. According to police, the child was attacked in the backyard of her own house when she was playing.

TANAHUN, May 16: There are some 84 wards in ten local units of Tanahun but 42 of the wards are currently operating without ward secretaries.

Two dead in two different accidents

April 23, 2019 07:38 am

TANAHUN, April 23: Two persons died and four others were injured in two different accidents which occurred in Tanahun and Udayapur on Sunday and Monday.

TANAHU, March 24: A test flight of paragliding has been successfully conducted in Byas Municipality of Tanahu district. Three pilots took off from Siddhi Danda and landed at Archalchaur on Saturday. Chair of Ward 11 of the municipality, Nir Bahadur Khadka, flew in the inaugural test flights.

POKHARA, Jan 10: Gandaki Province is preparing to recommend the federal government to build petroleum storage facility in Tanahun district.

Woman arrested for killing her newborn

December 20, 2018 09:52 am

TANAHUN, Dec 20: A woman in Bhanu Municipality of Tanahun has been arrested on the charge of killing her newborn.

TANAHUN, Dec 19: Police have arrested a woman on the charge of murdering her own newborn at Dordor in Bhanu municipality in the district.

TANAHUN, Dec 14: The image of a leopard captured in camera installed for monitoring man-eaters has terrorized the locals of Bhanu Municipality in Tanahun district.

TANAHUN, Dec 3: The locals of Bhanu Municipality in Tanahun have been terrorized by a man-eater leopard, which has mauled two minors in the last 17 days.

SYANGJA, Dec 2: It’s been almost two decades that the concept of Millennium Trekking Trail was introduced in Province 4. Commenced in 2000, the locals are constantly aiming to attract tourists. Targeting the ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ program, locals of Tanahun and Syangja are planning to establish a resort.

32 injured in Tanahun bus accident

October 21, 2018 15:29 pm

TANAHUN, Oct 21: Thirty-two people were injured when a passenger bus skidded off the road in Aabukhaireni rural municipality on Sunday.

DAMAULI, Oct 5:  Local people of Byas Municipality-5 in Tanahun affected by a hydropower project have voiced concerns about solatium issue.

TANAHU, Sept 14: A person was killed and five others were injuried when a bus carrying followers of a marriage procession lost control at Myagde ruralmunicipality-3, Naya Bazaar of Tanahun. The bus was enroute to Pokhara from Chitwan.

DAMAULI, July 30: A teenage girl has died whie twelve others sustained injuries in a microbus-container van collision  that took place at Byas municipality -12, Chirkan along the Prithvi highway.

DAMAULI, Tanahun, July 3: A girl died and two others were critically injured after being crushed by a falling tree at Pataltar of Vyas municipality-6 today.

TANAHUN, June 15: A man died while three others sustained injuries when a passenger bus met with an accident at Sudhe along the Buddhising road in the district on Friday afternoon.

Lightning kills two in Tanahun

June 12, 2018 09:11 am

TANAHUN, June 12: Two women lost their lives after being struck by lightning in Tanahu district.

IED neutralised in Tanahun

May 13, 2018 12:56 pm

TANAHUN, May 13: A bomb disposal team of Nepal Army deactivated an improvised explosive device (IED) at the bridge over Madi River in Byas Municipality-3 in the district today morning.

TANAHUN, May 8: Approximately 84 households of two villages, Byas Municipality-14 and Bandipur Rural Municipality-6, are forced to live in the dark without electricity.

TANAHUN, March 26: The district court has launched video conference service for the prompt and technology friendly judgment.

TANAHUN, March 6: Even two years after the government announced to replace improvised cable crossings known as tuin with suspension bridges, the locals of Tanahun are still found crossing the Seti River precariously using tuin.