Manoj Joshi, a prominent figure in Nepalese television journalism, has charted an illustrious journey spanning over two decades in the industry. His foray into this realm began as a newsreader at Image Channel Television, and today, he stands as a distinguished 'TV Journalist' at AP 1 Television in Kathmandu. Joshi's footprint also graced Kantipur Television for several years, enriching his TV journalism expedition. Throughout his career, he has wielded his skills in news writing, editing, and conducting face to face live interviews with subject matter experts, solidifying his role in television journalism.

CHITWAN, Aug 18: Friends and families of journalist Salikram Pudasaini who was found hanging in Kangaru Hotel of Chitwan on 5 August demonstrated for a fair and free investigation into the case on Saturday. They raised their voice for justice in front of the District Police Office of Chitwan where fans of TV journalist Rabi Lamichhane, who is in police custody in connection with the case, had protested for his quick release.

CHITWAN, Aug 17: Seven policemen sustained injuries as the fans of Rabi Lamichhane, a TV journalist who has been arrested in connection with the 'suicide' of journalist Salikram Pudasaini, clashed with the security personnel in Chitwan on Friday evening.