KATHMANDU, May 18: Nepali Congress (NC) mayoral candidate for Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Chiri Babu Maharjan is leading in the ongoing vote counting.

KATHMANDU, May 13: Vote counting under the local level election will be started from today evening itself after the voting is over.

KATHMANDU, May 13: Voting has been postponed at four polling stations in Kavrepalanchowk district after the polling officials were found casting votes of differently-abled people at another symbol than their request, giving over four or five ballot papers to the voters. Police had to fire aerial shots to take the situation under control after clashes erupted.

CHITWAN, May 13: People have been found to be using chits to cast their votes in Bharatpur. At a polling center in Krishnapur of Bharatpur, the ruling coalition parties have been found to have given chits to voters to cast their votes.

GORKHA, May 13: Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai has cast his vote at a polling center in Palungtar Municipality-1. After casting his vote, Bhattarai took a photo of himself with a swastika stamp and posted it on social media.

KATHMANDU, May 13: The Election Commission (EC) has stated that more than 35 percent of the votes have been cast so far even as voting in a few polling stations in various seven districts were obstructed.

KATHMANDU, May 13: Voting has started across Nepal from 7 AM on Friday. The Election Commission has said that voting has started across the country.

Photos of the week

January 15, 2022 14:45 pm

Here are some pictures taken by Republica photojournalist over the course of the week.

Republica Morning Brief: Oct 22

October 22, 2020 06:22 am

In case you missed them here are the major stories Republica covered in the past 24 hours.

The coronavirus COVID -19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time. Cases are rising daily in Africa, the Americas, and Europe. It also has the potential to create devastating social, economic, and political crises that will leave deep scars around the world. Nepal is starting to suffer the most abrupt and widespread cessation of economic activity. The impact has already started and will only worsen in the coming days.

As of December 2019, total worldwide population is 7.8 billion.

The best idea will be awarded a cash prize of Rs100,000 and the opportunity to pitch their idea at the World Innovation Forum, Switzerland

New York eliminated the religious exemption to vaccine requirements for schoolchildren Thursday, as the nation’s worst measles outbreak in decades prompts states to reconsider giving parents ways to opt out of immunization rules.

Seven Tricks to Stop Forgetfulness

June 13, 2019 13:21 pm

Forgetting things has been a good companion in the majority of people’s life. Tips to get your memories better.

KATHMANDU, May 23: Notwithstanding the criticisms from various quarters and objection from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), US Embassy in Kathmandu has indicated that it will go ahead with its plan to hold public interaction on social media.

Social or anti-social?

March 4, 2019 14:39 pm

The shattering clouds, heavy rainfall and a stormy weather. It was a month of August.  It was almost raining daily. People have mixed reactions to rain. But for me, it brings a certain peace within.

KATHMANDU, Feb 9: Revising its ‘blanket’ reservations policy, the government has come up with new provisions granting reservation privileges on the basis of economic and social status to candidates belonging to various marginalized communities.

Being a grandparent

December 8, 2018 01:30 am

Children with grandparents around are the luckiest people. Grandchildren look up to them as role models

Making abortion socially acceptable

October 5, 2018 08:45 am

Abortion has been a topic of much debate for years now. While ‘pro-life’ supporters argue that ending an innocent life is always felonious, their adversaries or the ‘pro-choice’ supporters argue that banning abortion means taking away a woman’s reproductive choice and civil rights on her own body. Both of these opinions are constantly featured in different forms of media with different sets of arguments backing them up and the general public’s perception of abortion is heavily influenced by such arguments. And although abortion has been legal in Nepal since 2002 AD, it is still considered a ‘taboo’ in many families and communities.

Internet accessibility has helped make blood availability, in times of crisis, more convenient. A short notice detailing the blood type, and the number of the recipient’s immediate relative ensures blood is supplied to patients on time.

KAMPALA, July 1: Uganda’s major telecom operators, including the local division of South Africa’s MTN Group, said they will ask customers to pay a new government tax on social media accounts before they can access them.

KATHMANDU, June 23: Among tough resolutions of those enjoying adventurous life, climbing Mount Everest and setting a record may be one.

Social media provides the perfect platforms to interact with the netizens, and nobody does it better than the celebrities. Their influence on the society gives them the opportunity to interact with a large mass of admirers.

Life in social media

June 16, 2018 00:40 am

Social media has changed the way people communicate and share information. It has now become inseparable part of human life. We can interact and associate with people around the world with just a click of a button. It makes it easier to share important events, information and moments of our lives.

Social media giants are exploiting children by hooking them on their sites in a ploy to generate more traffic, warns a report released today.

KATHMANDU, June 15: Province 3 has the highest per capita income with people here earning an average US$ 1,534 annually while Province 7 has the lowest per capita income of $660, shows a recent statistics prepared by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

SYANGJA, June 12 : Sita Gaire of Waling Municipality has recently joined a school. Just like other children of her village, she attends classes at Laxmi Secondary School every morning, hoping to learn to use the social media. Gaire is a mother of two sons, who have moved to South Korea and Poland in search of employment.

She will be honored with a cash prize of Rs 500,000 and a letter of appreciation. The award will be provided on August 15 amid a function.

Social media was flooded with false information of Dr. Upendra Devkota, Nepal’s top neuro surgeon's death twice. But what is false news and how does it spread so quickly?

KATHMANDU, May 23: It is not surprising to see a teenager or anyone in their early twenties to hover around their cell phones and using various social media applications. Doing so, they are not only having fun but are also adherently growing their network with other fellow social media users.

GULMI,  May 21: Nepali Congress, Gulmi has started a drive against social anomalies and aberrations in various places of the district as part of the second phase of its 50 days mega campaign entitled 'Let Us Go to the Village and Enjoy in Village Itself'.

MORANG, April 25: A social worker in Urlabari-9 in Morang district has taken guardianship of 10 students as part of the enrollment programme in the community schools.

A genuine social leader

April 24, 2018 18:01 pm

DHADING, April 24: Dinesh Tamang, who was lesser known to the locals of Dhading before the devastating earthquake of April 2015, became a celebrity after he successfully reconstructed 55 houses destroyed by the quake on his own. He developed a model village in Jwalamukhi Rural Municipality of the district, making the entire settlement earthquake-resilient at a time when several thousands of quake survivors were struggling to rebuild their houses.

We all remember the ‘why’ stage, either our own or that of our kids. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to go to bed so early? Why can’t I play football in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner? The incessant questioning, the desperate need to understand may be maddening for the target but it marks a key stage in a child’s development of language and cognition.

KHOTANG, April 5: It's hard to imagine the pain of a woman whose uterus protrudes out of the vagina following a third degree prolapse. A Dalit woman of Rakhabandel, Aiselukharka Rural Municipality-1 in the district has been bearing with this pain for the last 33 years.

KATHMANDU, March 27: The report on the elections to the House of Representatives and Provincial Assemblies presented last week by the European Union Election Observation Mission (EUEOM) triggered hot discourse on the mainstream media and social networking sites.

POKHARA, March 20: District Police Office (DPO), Kaski on Sunday arrested nine individuals on charge of deceiving people and robbing millions of rupees by creating fake offers in social media (Emo, Viber, Facebook, and Messenger).

LAMJUNG, March 15: Purnima Lohani of Besisahar Municipality-1 in Udayapur was one of the victims of Monday's tragic aircraft accident.

Humans are addicted to continuous social interaction, and not to their smartphone devices, a study of dysfunctional use of smart technology has found.

KATHMANDU, March 8: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the present government is serious about removing the social or legal discrimination that the women have had to face in society.

SRILANKA, Mar 7: Anti-Muslim rioting flared anew Wednesday in the hills of central Sri Lanka despite a state of emergency, residents said, as the government ordered popular social media networks blocked to stop the violence from spreading.

Eating for a social cause

March 5, 2018 10:49 am

KATHMANDU, Mar 5: When the idea of collaborating youths to make the country stand independent struck in, Cocina Mitho Chha, a social enterprise, found space summoning youths to contribute their bit in the field of hospitality in Nepal.

SIRAHA, March 4: Devaki Thakur, 75, of Brahmapur, Siraha, has seen both good and bad experiences of social untouchability.

SIRAHA, March 3: Devaki Thakur, 75, of Brahmapur, Siraha, has seen both good and bad experiences of social untouchability.

When people post photos of their fitness pursuits on social media they may be influencing, for better or worse, the health of their pals too, a new study suggests. The more exercise-related posts a person sees on social media, the more concerned they feel about their own weight, the researchers said.

Even as effects of social media use on mental well-being is hotly debated, a new study says that spending too much time online can create problems in real life relationships of teenagers and vice versa. Results of a survey conducted by Professor Candice Odgers of University of California, Irvine and her colleagues showed teenagers from low-income families reported more physical fights, face-to-face arguments and trouble at school that spilled over from social media.

Social media threat

February 20, 2018 00:30 am

Internet monopolies have neither will nor inclination to protect society against the consequences of their actions

GULMI, Feb 16: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said that education is the catalyst that brings changes in the society.

Love is social

February 14, 2018 00:26 am

Women invest far more in love and they give far more affection to men than they receive in return.

ROLPA, Feb 12: Shanti BK of Rolpa Municipality-1 was thrown out of her house after the death of her husband in course of foreign employment in a Gulf country. Moreover, the family members blamed her for the death of the husband and she was expelled from the house despite eight years of caring for the family.