JANAKPUR, March 29: The Madhesh province government has expressed its solidarity to the ongoing movement of the loan sharking victims.

KATHMANDU, Feb 1: There has been an inordinate delay in the expansion of the cabinet in Madhesh province. Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav has found it difficult to expand his cabinet even three weeks after the formation of the four-member cabinet.

JANAKPURDHAM, Jan 19: Chief minister (CM) of Madhesh Province, Saroj Kumar Yadav has secured the vote of confidence from the provincial assembly. He received a vote of confidence in the provincial assembly meeting held today. He has been given a vote of confidence by the members of all parties represented in the province assembly.

JANAKPRDHAM, Jan 13: The newly-appointed Chief Minister of Madhesh Province Saroj Kumar Yadav is taking the oath of office and secrecy at noon today, according to the Office of the Province Chief.