SARLAHI, Nov 25: Independent candidate Amaresh Singh has won the election to the Member of House of Representatives from Sarlahi electoral constituency number 4. He secured 20,017 votes. His closest competitor Nagendra Kumar of the Nepali Congress on behalf of the ruling coalition obtained 18,253.

JANAKPUR, Nov 20: A person was killed in a clash between two parties over the issue of elections in Godaita Municipality-6, Bagdah, of Sarlahi.

Cooperative employee shot at in Sarlahi

October 19, 2022 12:24 pm

SARLAHI, Oct 19: A cooperative employee was shot at in Sarlahi. Sujan Karki, an employee of Sagun Cooperative, was shot at by an unknown group near Milan Chowk of Bagmati Municipality.

RAUTAHAT, August 17: Two persons have been arrested in Sarlahi with huge amounts of cash and gold jewelry. Sarlahi police have arrested them with cash of Rs 3,600,000 and gold jewelry worth Rs 1,950,000.

One electrocuted in Rautahat

July 29, 2022 14:50 pm

RAUTAHAT, July 29: One person was electrocuted in Sarlahi. The deceased has been identified as 45-year-old Subodh Jha of Parsa Rural Municipality- 6 in the district.

RAUTAHAT, July 29: A man was killed after being run over by a tipper at Barahathawa in Sarlahi district on Friday. The 30-year-old Mukesh Sah, who was driving a motorcycle, died after he was hit by a tipper in Barahathawa Municipality-10.

ROHTAK, July 23: The person who filed a police report after killing a woman in Parsa Rural Municipality of Sarlahi has been arrested after about a month and a half. Ramjesh Kumar Rai known as Baldatta of Parsa Rural Municipality 1 and his father Ram Pratap Rai have been arrested on the charge of murdering Ramjesh’s 20-year-old wife Nisha Yadav.

RAUTAHAT, JULY 17: Farmers of Sarlahi and Rautahat have been left high and dry due to the lack of irrigation in the paddy planting season. Due to the lack of rainfall even in July, paddy saplings have started to dry up in the bed and paddy fields are also drying up.

SARLAHI, June 26: Police last Tuesday arrested two persons on the charge of killing Amarendra Thakur of Kabilasi Municipality-8.

RAUTAHAT, May 15: A candidate for the post of ward chairman from the Nepali Congress (NC) has been arrested from Balara Municipality of Sarlahi district on the charge of ripping ballot papers.

RAUTAHAT, May 13: There is widespread tension in Sarlahi in the local level elections. Voting is being disrupted and clashes are taking place in different villages of Sarlahi. Meanwhile, a polling official has been beaten for allegedly influencing voters.

SARLAHI, May 13: Police fired six rounds of bullets in the air to bring the situation under control after a clash erupted at the Veterinary Service Polling Station in Dhankaul village of Sarlahi district.

RAUTAHAT, May 11: Clashes broke out between the cadres of two parties in Sarlahi on Tuesday evening– the last day of the election campaign.

SARLAHI, April 16: CPN UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli was welcomed in Sarlahi with a garland of 100 kg.

SARLAHI, April 16: Farmers of Sarlahi have stopped the export of sugar demanding payment of arrears of sugarcane. The farmers have taken three trucks of sugar in control that were headed for Kathmandu since Wednesday as the operator of Mahalakshmi Sugar Mill Bagdaha in Godaita Municipality has not paid the dues of sugarcane purchased from the farmers in the current fiscal year.

RAUTAHAT, April 10: Two hundred and sixty two police personnel working under the District Police Office, Sarlahi, have been promoted. The District Police Office, Sarlahi, has already given rank insignia to all the promoted police personnel.

SARLAHI, April 9: Police have arrested Kamalesh Thakur, the main culprit who was on the run after kidnapping and murdering an innocent child from Gamhariya Tol of Malangwa Municipality of Sarlahi.

SARLAHI, March 31: A 17-year-old local student Sumitra Pariyar was killed after being hit by a crane at Nemichok of Rajghat in Bagmati Municipality-7 in Sarlahi on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, March 27: Four people were killed in a bus accident in Sarlahi district on Sunday morning while more than 20 passengers were injured in the accident.

Singh elected NC Sarlahi President

March 14, 2022 11:42 am

SARLAHI, March 14: Surendra Prasad Singh has emerged victorious in the election held for the post of President of Nepali Congress (NC), Sarlahi. He obtained 1,758 votes while his arch-rival Laxman Roy got 1,378 votes.

12 injured in jackal attack in Sarlahi

February 22, 2022 14:44 pm

MALANGWA, Feb 22: A dozen people were injured in an attack by jackals at various places of Bishnu Rural Municipality in Sarlahi district.

Sarlahi DAO starts issuing e-passport

February 18, 2022 16:05 pm

SARLAHI, Feb 18: The District Administration Office (DAO), Sarlahi, has started issuing e-passports. The service was launched by providing electronic passports to three applicants, according to Chief District Officer (CDO) Thaneshwor Gautam.

RAUTAHAT, Feb 5: The brick industries of Sarlahi and Rautahat have faced huge losses due to the incessant rainfall since Wednesday night. Brick kiln owners have estimated a loss of over Rs 600 million in the two districts due to the rainfall.

SARLAHI, Jan 2: Three people from the same village have been killed in a motorcycle accident in Sarlahi district. All three died on the spot when the motorcycle (Ba 19 Pa 7197) collided with a tree in Sagarnath Jungle on the Bayalbas-Bhaktipur Road in Sarlahi.

Two killed in road accident in Sarlahi

December 26, 2021 15:15 pm

MALANGAWA, Dec 26: Two people were killed in separate road accidents in Sarlahi last night. A woman died after she was knocked down by a bicycle while a man died in a motorbike accident, according to Sarlahi Police.

SARLAHI, Dec 26: Farmers in Sarlahi are struggling to get chemical fertilizers for the cultivation of winter crops.

JANAKPURDHAM, Nov 28: A woman and her two children have been found dead inside their home at Barthawa Municipality-1 in Sarlahi. The woman has been identified as Kavita Hajari, 26, wife of Shiva Hajari.

RAUTAHAT, Nov 25: Two youths have died in a road accident in Sarlahi district. The deceased have been identified as Dev Moktan, 25, of Hariwan Municipality-7 and Milan Vhlon, 23, of the same place

SPs of Dhanusha and Sarlahi transferred

October 24, 2021 13:16 pm

JANAKPURDHAM, Oct 24: The Police Headquarters has transferred the Superintendents of Police (SP) of Dhanusa and Sarlahi district. According to Umesh Ranjitkaar, Deputy Inspector General of Province 2 Police, SP Santosh Singh Rathore of Sarlahi, and SP Prakash Ranabhat of Dhanusha were transferred under the direction of the headquarters.

LAHAN, July 28: A mother with her two daughters was found drowned in a pond in Sarlahi on Wednesday morning.

MALANGWA, July 4: Construction of blacktopped road has begun in Malangwa, the headquarters of Sarlahi district after a long gap of nearly two decades.

LAHAN, June 26: Surya Kumar Shrestha, ward chairperson of Ishwarpur Municipality-3 of Sarlahi, was killed late Friday night, according to the police.

SARLAHI, June 12: A newlywed bride has been mercilessly beaten up in Sarlahi for not bringing a gas stove and cylinder as dowry. Her husband and family members indiscriminately battered her on dowry-related issues.

One arrested with pistol in Sarlahi

January 24, 2021 11:31 am

SARLAHI, Jan 24: A man was arrested in possession of a pistol from Kabilasi in Sarlahi district. Arun Mishra,50, of Gaudata municipality-8, Sarlahi was arrested, according to SP Santosh Singh Rathaour at the District Police Office.

SARLAHI, Jan 21: At least two people were killed and 19 others injured in a road mishap at Hariban of Sarlahi district along the East-West Highway.

SARLAHI, Oct 14: As many as 50 individuals were injured when a group of Nepali Congress (NC) cadres and police personnel engaged in scuffle in Malangawa-- the district headquarters of Sarlahi-- on Wednesday.

MALANGAWA, Sept 19: District Administration Office, Sarlahi has enforced curfew orders in Malangawa-- the district headquarters-- in an attempt to avoid possible clash between the Hindu and Muslim communities.

SARLAHI, July 25: Chief Administrative Officer of Haripurwa Municipality in Sarlahi district has been accused of physically assaulting a people's representative.

Huge amount of drugs confiscated

January 20, 2020 10:06 am

SARLAHI, Jan 20: Police have arrested two persons with a huge amount of drugs from Sarlahi district on Saturday. Police confiscated 210 bottles of phensedyl (100 ml), and 900 units of nitravet tablets from the arrested.

Yadav arrested on fraud case

January 9, 2020 11:36 am

SARLAHI, Jan 9: Police arrested Ram Babu Yadav of Barahathawa municipality-10, Sitapur on charge of jeopardizing peace

One dies in bike accident

September 21, 2019 19:07 pm

SARLAHI, Sept 21: A person died in a motorcycle accident in Malangawa, the headquarters of Sarlahi at around 4 pm on Saturday.

SARLAHI, Sept 3: Police in Sarlahi district are probing Shyam Krishna Kalawar for alleged involvement in money laundering also. He is already under investigation for duping hundreds of impoverished locals with faked loan documents.

Notorious Malangawa money lender arrested

September 2, 2019 07:37 am

SARLAHI, Sept 2: Police on Sunday arrested Shyam Krishna Kalawar on the charge of defrauding hundreds of poor people in the district of Sarlahi by forging loan documents.

KATHMANDU, Sep 1: As many as 300 people from Sarlahi who have taken loans from Shyam Krishna Kalawar Sah, a local loan shark, have arrived in Kathmandu seeking justice from government authorities after Sah “terrorized” them by preparing false documents.

SARLAHI, Aug 22: Even six weeks after massive flooding in the district, neither the government has collected any details on the losses caused nor have the victims been provided any relief.

KATHMANDU, Aug 5: Two human rights organizations on Sunday  said there was no substantial evidence to justify the government’s claim that Kumar Paudel, the Sarlahi district in-charge of the outlawed Communist Party of Nepal led by Netra Bikram Chand, was killed in a police encounter.

KATHMANDU, Aug 3: Preliminary investigations by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) into the killing of Kumar Paudel, the Sarlahi district in-charge of the Netra Bikram Chand-led Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), show a different picture from the government’s claim, said officials involved in the investigations.

SARLAHI, July 29: A male wild elephant which was causing mayhem in Ishwarpur Municipality of Sarlahi district since the last two weeks was anesthetized on Sunday fitted with a radio-transmitter collar at Lahure Tol in the eastern part of the district

SARLAHI, July 23: Two persons died in separate incidents in Sarlahi district. A child Ashish Paswan, 10, son of Sanjay Paswan of Lalbandi municipality-2, died after falling into a ditch constructed for Surya brick kiln.

SARLAHI, July 9: Local residents vandalized a snakebite treatment centre at Nawalpur in Sarlahi district after a toddler died in course of treatment.