A merry day indeed

December 20, 2019 09:49 am

“Even though Christmas comes at a very gloomy time of the year, it’s one of my favorite days to celebrate,” says Sneha Koirala, owner of the lifestyle brand Studio Sarcastic. “I grew up in a convent school. And since childhood, I have always viewed this day as a festival. We weren’t allowed to visit homes during this time. But Christmas always arrived after our exams were over and when it was time to have fun.” She adds. “It doesn’t have the traditional or cultural aspects of other Nepali festivals; there’re no rules or rituals. But that didn’t take away from its preciousness”

WASHINGTON, Dec 20: With a fluffy red cap and a bulging bag slung over his shoulder, Obama delivered presents (and more than a few gasps) to the young patients at Children’s National hospital in Northwest Washington on Wednesday.

Messi’s Secret Santa message to Neymar

December 25, 2017 15:14 pm

Lionel Messi has sent former team-mate Neymar a heartwarming Christmas message.