ROLPA, Oct 19: In a deeply troubling turn of events, a man who was granted clemency by the President on Constitution Day has committed a heinous crime in Rukum within just 25 days of his release from prison.

MUSIKOT, Dec 3: Kiwi farmers in Aathbiskot municipality in Rukum district had problems in selling their produce despite growing it in abundance. Lack of road connectivity and faraway market made it difficult for them to sell their produce.

Janardan Sharma leads in Rukum

November 22, 2022 12:06 pm

ROLPA, Nov 22: The results of the first round of voting in Rukum West have been announced. When 742 votes were counted, Janardan Sharma of the Maoist Center, a candidate for the House of Representatives, got 359 votes.

ROLPA, Nov 6: Counting of votes has started in Rukum East. Purna Gharti Magar of Maoist has taken the lead in the House of Representatives election. Out of 2,395 votes, Gharti got 1,620 votes, while CPN-UML candidate Kailash Kumar Malla got 466 votes.

Rolpa, Nov 21: Since all the ballot boxes in Rukum West district have not reached the vote counting centres, the counting of votes has not started in the district. One to six ballot boxes of Aathbiskot Municipality are yet to arrive at the centres.

ROLPA, Nov 20: The Nepalese Army carried out aerial patrols from helicopters in Rolpa and Rukum during the election. Government authorities informed Republica that the aerial patrols were conducted near polling stations in sensitive areas of the two districts.

Bus accident in Rukum East: Five killed

September 22, 2022 17:25 pm

ROLPA, Sept 22: Five people were killed when a passenger bus met with an accident near Kyangsi Bagar located in Bhume Rural Municipality Ward No 3 Tirkhola in Rukum East on Thursday afternoon.

ROLPA, June 10: Kumar Singh Budha, Ward Chairman of Purvirukum Putha Uttarganga Rural Municipality-11, who was arrested on the charge of murdering a woman, has been remanded in custody for trial.

RUKUM, June 4: Two people have been killed in a road accident involving a tractor in Rukum East. The accident took place on Friday evening at Dading in Sisne Rural Municipality-4 of the district.

JAJARKOT, Dec 3: A man died in a tractor accident at Athabiskot Municipality-7 Aul of Rukum West at around 3AM today while his wife was injured in the mishap.

BIRENDRANAGAR, Nov 9: Badrinath Gaire has recently arrived here at the District Administration Office in Rukum (West) as the Chief District Officer (CDO). He prepared a survey form to study the level of citizen satisfaction toward the services delivered by the office.

RUKUM WEST, June 24: The Rukum district court has sent 23 persons including a ward chair to judicial custody on the charge of murder.

KATHMANDU, June 8: The federal parliament has formed a special committee to probe the Soti case of Western Rukum.

KATHMANDU, June 3: The EU Delegation to Nepal, together with the EU Heads of Mission based in Kathmandu, have deplored the tragic loss of life in the violent incident in Soti village of Chaurjahari Municipality, Rukum (Karnali Province) in the third week of May.

KATHMANDU, May 29: While expressing shock over the killing of five men by opponents of an inter-caste relationship in Nepal last weekend, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, on Friday called for an independent probe into the gruesome incident.

Those involved in the murder of Nabaraj must be punished so that it becomes a turning point in the way our nation treats its most vulnerable.

KATHMANDU, May 26: The government has formed a five-member probe committee to investigate the Chaurajahari incident.

RUKUM/ BIRENDRANAGAR, May 26: Last year, an athletics event was organized at Chaurjahari Municipality in West Rukum. Nabaraj BK, 19, a resident of Bheri Municipality-4, had also participated in the event.

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October 26, 2019 18:00 pm

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Man kills wife

September 3, 2019 12:23 pm

RUKUM WEST, Sept 3: A person killed his wife using a sharp weapon in Rukum (West) on Monday night. According to the District Police Office, Nabin Khadka, 27, of Machhimi of Musikot municipality-3 murdered his wife Kamala Budhathoki, 27.

RUKUM (WEST), Aug 31: Two persons were killed and other three injured when a tractor met with an accident at Rukum Athbiskot Municipality-6, Mankabagar in the district today.

RUKUM, July 17: In the last one year, 117 women and 37 men filed cases for divorce at the district court in Rukum (west). According to Judge Atmadev Joshi, the number is alarming. When couples are married at a young age, they are least likely to handle the married life smoothly, he said.

RUKUM, July 16: Some years back Rukum residents used to get excited with the construction of roads in their surrounding. They thought the roads would improve transportation services in the area and change the face of their area.

RUKUM, July 15: The Maoist rebels had launched their decade-long armed struggle by attacking a police post in Aathbiskot Municipality of Rukum. Hundreds of people lost their lives during the insurgency period in the district. The eastern part of the district was especially affected by the conflict.

RUKUM, June 28: The District Court of Rukum has imposed a fine of Rs 1000 on a ward chief of East Rukum for beating up a woman a few months ago. He has also been ordered to pay a compensation of Rs 2,000 to the woman.

RUKUM, June 25: Four members of the Biplav-led group have been arrested from different places of the district. According to DSP Sumit Khadka of the district police office, they were arrested while demanding money from the locals.

RUKUM, June 11: There are many highlands in Rukum (West) where people do not really have to seek permission from any authority to pick Yarsa, a prized medicinal fungus. However, various committees are exercising monopoly by charging entry fees and taxing the Yarsa pickers.

RUKUM, June 4: Twenty-one-year-old Sapana(name changed) of Bhume Rural Municipality in Rukum (East) got married to a boy of her own locality at the tender age of 16.

RUKUM EAST, May 12: A season for picking yarsagumba, a lucrative herb which is found in the high altitude of mountains, is around the corner here. Yarsa-picking remains as the main source of people's income in the highlands of Rukum East.

RUKUM, May 11: These days some 200 families of Sanibheri rural municipality-10 need to not depend on traditional means of fuel or kerosene for light as they have access to solar lamps.

A school with just four students

May 11, 2019 08:28 am

RUKUM, May 11: Janasudhar Basic School located at Sisne village of eastern Rukum has three teachers and an office assistant while it has only four students. The school has permission to run classes up to the fifth grade.

RUKUM, May 9: Despite the government's claim of having provided subsidized rice to food deficit areas in Dolpa, the locals are complaining of receiving barely anything as per the government's declaration.

RUKUM, May 1: Locals of Rukum have said that they would strongly protest a decision of the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation to divert water of Uttarganga River to Kaligandaki River for building mega hydropower plants.

RUKUM, April 29: Birjeet Gharti of Maikot village of Putha Uttarganga Rural Municipality – 4 made half million rupees by collecting Yarshagumba back in 2011.

RUKUM, April 25: Construction of a bridge linking Simli with Garayala in Sani Bheri Rural Municipality of Western Rukum began six years ago. It was supposed to be completed within two years. But six years down the lane, the project is nowhere close to completion.

RUKUM, April 23: Rukum locals and representatives are protesting against the provincial government’s decision to divert the water of Uttar Ganga Hydro Project to Kali Gandaki River. The protestors claim that the move would bring several micro hydropower projects to closure apart from affecting water availability in many areas.

RUKUM, April 22: Rukum has strong association with the decade-long armed conflict. Hundreds of people were tortured and victimized during this period especially in the eastern part of the district. Inhabited mostly by the people of Magar community, most locals of Rukum(East) have country-made guns at their homes.

RUKUM, April 20: Timber worth Rs 20 million is set to be extracted from a single village in Rukum in the current fiscal year. Preparations have been made to export timber worth Rs 18 million from two community forests alone in Bhume Rural Municipality-1.

Rape cases on rise in Rukum

April 17, 2019 08:40 am

RUKUM, April 17: On November 14, the District Police Office (DPO), Rukum (West), arrested Rajip Khadka, 22, of Tribeni Rural Municipality-2, Simrutu, on the charge of raping a 17-year-old girl of the same village. Khadka is currently under judicial custody. According to the police, the accused has already confessed to the crime.

RUKUM, April 3: The Bafikot Rural Municipality of Rukum has started preparing a five-year master plan for tourism development.

‘Dozers killing jobs’

March 28, 2019 08:17 am

RUKUM, March 28: The locals of Magma in Banfikot Rural Municipality-6 of Rukum (west) were hopeful of getting temporary job as laborers when the local government allocated Rs 350,000 to repair a three-kilometer stretch of Biuntakura Meldanda road section.

RUKUM, Feb 2: Nepali Congress leader and former assistant minister Kesharman Roka and three others have been reported physically assaulted.

RUKUM, Jan 17: Banfikot Rural Municipality of Rukkum (West) has a long tradition of bidding farewell to Maghe Sankranti festival by organizing a marriage ceremony of two children from different villages.

Five injured in Rukum bus accident

December 30, 2018 17:35 pm

RUKUM, Dec 30: Five people were injured in a bus accident that occurred at Nagakhola Bazaar in Bangad Kupinde municipality on Sunday.

RUKUM, Dec 29: Two police personnel and eight others were injured in a clash in Chaurjahari Municipality of Rukum (West) on Thursday evening.

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December 17, 2018 18:00 pm

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Two dead after falling off a cliff

December 16, 2018 13:56 pm

RUKUM, Dec 16: Two people died after falling off a cliff in East Rolpa.

Man murders wife and son

November 18, 2018 12:11 pm

WEST RUKUM, Nov 18: A 49-year-old man has murdered his wife and son at Triveni Rural Municipality-1 in Rukum district at 2:00 am today. According to District Police Office, West Rukum, Satta Bahadur Budha murdered his wife Indra Kala Budha, 42, and son Swyam Prakash Budha, 11.

Three arrested with 10 kg hashish

November 7, 2018 08:00 am

RUKUM, October 7: Police on Monday evening arrested three individuals in possession of 10 kg hashish from Ghetma of Aathbiskot Municipality-13.

RUKUM, Nov 5: Karnali Province's Agriculture and Cooperative Minister Bimala KC finds it very inconvenient to travel to her home district Rukum everytime she has to. There is no direct road access to Rukum from the provincial capital Birendranagar. The lack of bridges over Sanibheri and Thulibheri rivers forces travelers to take the detour.