ROLPA, March 7: Health posts and hospitals in Rolpa are not well-equipped. The shortage of medicines and doctors here often make the headlines. As the news of the spread of coronavirus across the world is making rounds, locals in the rural areas of Rolpa have raised concerns over the poor health facilities they have. They have urged the government to avail sufficient medicines at the local health units and the district hospital. On the other hand, health professionals in the district hospital have also lamented the inefficiency of the hospital and health units.

ROLPA , Sept 8: At least 12 health institutions including Rolpa District Hospital in Rolpa provide safe abortion, a non-surgical abortion that is done by using medicines, for unwanted pregnancy of up to nine weeks free of cost. The hospital and two primary health centers also provide safe clinical abortion, which is done by using medical equipment, for fetus up to 12 weeks for free.

ROLPA, Aug 22: Speaker of the Parliament, Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Minister for Energy, Barshaman Pun’s home district have only one hospital - Rolpa District Hospital. However, this hospital, which is the destination for all the poor people of the district, is itself ailing.

ROLPA, Aug 18: When she heard that the baby in her womb is having difficulty to breathe and needed to be delivered without delay, Junukumari Budha lost all hopes. Everything looked dark to her before she was waiting for the C-section at the Rolpa District Hospital. Some moments earlier, doctors had noted that she was brought to the hospital late and there were complications.

ROLPA, June 27: The Rolpa District Hospital, which is supposed to provide medical care to 200,000 residents of the district, has only 15 beds. District residents are aware of this shortcoming and have been demanding for improving the quality of service it provides by expanding its capacity and adding human resources for a long time now.