Import of Chinese walnut increases

October 18, 2019 09:15 am

RASUWA, Oct 18: The import of Chinese walnut to Nepal has increased in recent days to meet the supply gap as Nepal’s domestic production is still not adequate.

RASUWA, Jan 27: Rasuwagadhi Customs Office has collected revenue of Rs 15.17 billion in the past three and a half years, following 2015 earthquake.

RASUWA, Oct 25: Rasuwagadhi Customs Office has surpassed revenue target for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2018/19. The customs office along Nepal-China border collected Rs 2.32 billion between mid-July and mid-October. The collection is 3.87 percent higher than the targeted Rs 2.2 billion.

RASUWA, Sept 13: Food commodities meant for Dolpa district are stuck at Rasuwagadhi trade point in Rasuwa for the past one month. As many as 80 containers carrying 4.5 tons of rice and 2.7 tons of iodized salt to Upper Dolpo region of Dolpa via Tibetan Autonomous Region of China are stuck at Nepal’s only trading point with China for the past one month.

RASUWA, Aug 30: Revenue collection by Rasuwagadhi Customs Office has come to a grinding halt as recent floods and landslides have affected vehicular movement along the lone trade route between Nepal and China. According to Gopal Koirala, the chief customs officer at Rasuwagadhi Customs Office, the office has not been able to collect even a penny for the past 21 days.