KATHMANDU, April 23: Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sarbendra Khanal on Monday said that the police have not been able to collect sufficient evidence so as to take action against Ram Bahadur Bomjan aka Buddha Boy who faces allegations of sexually harassing and disappearing some of his disciples.

SINDHULI, Feb 23: Even after spending almost two months, police are nowhere close to finding any strong evidence against Ram Bahadur Bomjon, a self-proclaimed ascetic, who has been accused of being involved in the disappearance of five of his followers.

INDHUPALCHOWK, Jan 21: Sindhupalchowk Police has geared up with all its might to collect reliable evidence on the alleged case of the disappearance of five followers from the ashram of Ram Bahadur Bomjan.

SINDHULI, Jan 11: Police on Thursday arrested two people from the ashram of self-proclaimed ascetic Ram Bahadur Bomjan at Paire of Kamalamai Municipality-8 in Sindhuli district.