Amid reports of massive conversion of Hindus into Christianity in the rural and impoverished parts of the country, critics have raised alarm over a Christian organization's sponsorship of the show.

KATHMANDU, July 15: Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal has called on his fans and the general public to stop attacking people with insults and abusive comments on social media platforms. Hamal was indicating online trolls against Deepashree Niraula who has been dragged into a controversy over the issue of ‘Mahanayak’ – a term she says Hamal is not befitting of.

Comedian and actor Deepak Raj Giri has said that they are constantly being chased through social media. A few days ago, during a television interview, actress and director Deepashree Niraula remarked to Rajesh Hamal, "Is he the Mahanayak?", where Giri is also being tagged along and is being widely criticized on social media

Amid her popularity, Aaj Tak—one of the leading news media of India has featured her in its online portal.

Nepali megastar Rajesh Hamal shines in Indian media. Aaj Tak—one of the prime news media of India has featured him in its online portal.

Megastar Rajesh Hamal has contributed Rs 100,000 for the construction of orphanage home in Bajura. Rajesh Hamal handed over the money to an initiator of the campaign—KP Khanal, at his residence in Lazimpat on Tuesday.

Bhadragol Team in KBC Nepal

April 2, 2019 15:15 pm

A team of popular Nepali comedy serial—‘Bhadragol’ visited KBC Nepal’s set recently. Director and writer Arjun Ghimire aka Paadey and actor Kumar Kattel aka Jigri went there to participate in the game.

When dreams turn powerful

December 16, 2018 12:42 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 16: Eleven-year-old Sonam Dolma blushed as the superstar of her dreams, Rajesh Hamal approached her. It is rarely an ordinary meeting for a girl who grew up without TVs in Upper Dolpa. However, she still remembers the action-packed kicks of Rajesh Hamal that she witnessed in a handful of Nepali films.