We need a strong public sector able to provide quality education, a good environment for personal growth and the positive values that shape a person’s character for the entire life. It is a huge responsibility, if you think about it.

KATHMANDU, March 2: The Government of Japan has extended $ 877,008 to Shanti Volunteer Association under the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects Schemes.

KATHMANDU, Jan 10: The unity convention of Higher Higher Secondary Schools Teachers’ Association Nepal (HISTAN) kicked off on Friday.

KATHMANDU, Dec 24: Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel on Tuesday stressed the need to maintain good coordination among three tiers of government in order to ensure quality education across the country.

SURKHET, May 20: Liladhar Chapai of Gurvakot Municipality had decided that his children would attend private school even before they were born. Despite being a teacher at a community school, he had no faith in the quality of the education provided by community schools. However, this year he admitted his daughter to Jana Secondary School, a community school, in 9th grade.

Making the system work

May 19, 2019 01:25 am

Since the start of formal education practice in Nepal, the government has tried various systems for ensuring quality education and producing excellent human resources. During the 1970s, the government of the day came up with semester system in the college level education but this system couldn’t last long and was soon replaced with annual system in 1980. After 34 years, in 2014, Tribhuvan University re-introduced the semester system with the great objective.

KATHMANDU, May 3: Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Giriraj Mani Pokharel has said that the community schools would be transformed by leaps and bound in terms of their quality within the coming 10 years.

Enhancing teachers’ competence

April 9, 2019 01:05 am

The national assessment of students’ achievement has shown that achievement level of the students from public schools in Nepal is low. For the same reason, people blame that there’s no quality education in public schools. Although the scores of the students are not and should not be the only determiner of quality education, it’s one of them.

JUMLA, March 27: Students of Ganga Devi Elementary School located near the district headquarters Khalanga have started attending classes regularly following the availability of water at the school.

KATHMANDU, March 23: Nepali Congress President and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has underscored the need to augment investment in quality and practical education.