KATHMANDU, July 14: There were only 179 lawmakers present in the House of Representatives (HoR) on June 30 when there was an important agenda to pass three bills: the Economic Bill, the National Debt Recovery Bill, and the Customs Tariff Bill. Many of the lawmakers who attended the meeting did not enter the gallery.

KATHMANDU, July 8: The government led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has fallen into a minority. The UML moved to the opposition bench in the federal parliament meeting on Sunday.

The way Parliament is being run now indicates that the country is heading towards a serious political conflict. The Nepali Congress (NC), the largest party in the parliament, is currently on the main opposition bench. It is demanding a parliamentary committee to investigate the alleged involvement of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane and others in the embezzlement of cooperative funds. There is a consensus among opposition parties, including the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), on this issue.

KATHMANDU, May 16: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said that discussions are ongoing among the political parties to resolve the parliamentary deadlock.

CHITWAN, May 11: Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane has said his right to speak in parliament was violated.

KATHMANDU, May 10: The meeting of the House of the Representatives (HoR) on Friday remained obstructed due to the protest from the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC). Speaker Devraj Ghimire has called the next meeting of the HoR for May 14 as NC continued with the protest.

KATHMANDU, May 10: The budget session of federal parliament is starting today.

KATHMANDU, April 9: Discussions between the top leaders of the major parties are continuing on the issue of removing the obstruction in parliament.

In a democratic country, the highest institution in which representatives are elected by the people is the Parliament. Its main task is to formulate necessary laws for the governance and administration of the country. Democratic countries are governed by laws, and these laws cannot be formulated by anyone other than the sovereign Parliament.

PM to address parliament today

March 19, 2024 11:00 am

KATHMANDU, March 19: The meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) is taking place today at the Federal Parliament Building in New Baneshwor at 11 AM.

As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin approaches the one crore Nepalese Rupees mark, its significance becomes undeniable, despite being banned in Nepal, which indicates that we are still in the digital Stone Age. However, it's glaringly absent from parliamentary discussions in Nepal. This omission underscores the transformation of the Nepalese parliament into what can only be described as "Parliamentwood" - a realm dominated by theatrical displays rather than substantive governance.

KATHMANDU, March 15: The main opposition party, Nepali Congress (NC), has obstructed the parliament.

KATHAMNDU, March 13: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the esteemed parliament is not a suitable place for accusations and recriminations.

KATHMANDU, March 7: Following the recent shift in the political landscape, the seating arrangement of parties in the House of Representatives has undergone changes.

KATHMANDU, March 4: The Federal Civil Service Bill has been submitted to the Federal Parliament Secretariat. The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) has brought the Bill to the House of Representatives for registration.

KATHMANDU, March 4: The CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal who is also the prime minister is going to reshuffle the Cabinet and form a small-sized new government. Among the leaders said to be joining the government today are Upendra Yadav from Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP), Padam Giri from CPN-UML and Barshaman Pun from Maoist Center and Rabi Lamichhane from Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RSP). They are slated to assume ministerial roles.

KATHMANDU, March 1: Speaker Devraj Ghimire made a ruling to the government urging it to address the issues raised by opposition parties by being present in parliament on March 4.

KATHMANDU, Feb 26: The police have arrested several microfinance borrowers for allegedly trespassing into the parliament building by breaching restricted areas.

KATHMANDU, Feb 26: The victims of microfinance who have gathered in Kathmandu from across the country entered the Parliament building premises in New Baneshwor and chanted slogans on Monday.

KATHMANDU, Feb  26: The House of Representatives (HoR) that was adjourned following CPN-UML’s disruption has resumed its session with Speaker Devraj Ghimire ruling the government to address the concerns raised by opposition parties in the upcoming meeting.

Q&A session with PM in parliament (live)

February 18, 2024 14:29 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 18: A meeting of the House of Representatives of the federal parliament is currently underway.

KATHMANDU, Feb 5: The government tabled an ordinance related to financial procedures and an order to remove difficulties at Monday’s meeting of the House of Representatives.

KATHMANDU, Feb 5: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairperson and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has directed the lawmakers of the party to play a strong role in the parliament in favor of the people.

KATHMANDU, Jan 31: The former lawmakers’ forum is trying to assert its influence in the parliament. The forum is advocating for the inclusion of its statutory rights within the parliamentary regulations.

KATHMANDU, Jan 30: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Tuesday held discussions with the Ministry of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs on the topic of giving business to the Federal Parliament during its winter session commencing from February 5.

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: As the temperature of the earth is increasing, it has invited various climate related disasters around the world. In terms of climate risk in the world, Nepal is on the leading list. Every year, floods, landslides, melting and exploding glaciers, heavy rains, floods and fires are increasing.

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: The House of Representatives has done its homework to prepare the agenda for the day of the parliament meeting. After completing the homework for a month, on Friday, Speaker Devraj Ghimire presented the draft agenda prepared by the Parliament Secretariat along with the whips of the major parties.

KATHMANDU, Dec 5: The Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has warned of public protest if attempts are made to settle the controversial Ncell deal at the higher political and bureaucratic level.

KATHMANDU, Nov 2: The government has decided to prorogue the current session of the Federal Parliament.

KATHMANDU, Nov 2: The government is planning to prorogue the current session of Parliament on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, Oct 31: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who is on four-day visit to Nepal, is addressing a joint meeting of the Federal Parliament today.

KATHMANDU, Oct 16: The deadline for the construction of the new building of the Federal Parliament, which is going to be built inside Singha Durbar, is going to be extended for a third time.

HoR meeting to be held at 1PM today

October 3, 2023 12:15 pm

KATHMANDU, Oct 3: A meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) of the Federal Parliament is being held today. The meeting has been called for 1PM.

KATHMANDU, Sept 28: The ruling CPN (Maoist Center) has drawn a conclusion that the dissatisfactions seen regarding the School Education Bill registered at the Federal Parliament should be addressed through dialogue.

Kathmandu, Sept 17: The Industry and Commerce and Labour and Consumer Welfare Committee under the parliament has directed the Finance Ministry to grant permission for the import of sugar at subsidized rates.

KATHMANDU, Sept 15: On September 7, the day before the Civil Service Day, the Council of Ministers meeting decided to present the Civil Service Bill and the School Education Bill to parliament to give a positive message to the government employees. While the School Education Bill has been registered in parliament, it has not been decided when the Civil Service Bill will be registered.

KATHMANDU, Sept 6: The international non-government organization, ActionAid, has called the attention of the parliament to solve the problems seen due to climate change and to take initiatives for climate justice.

Will the Electricity Bill be passed?

September 3, 2023 16:45 pm

KATHMANDU, Sep 3: The fate of the long-pending Electricity Bill 2080 BS, which has been repeatedly introduced in parliament, remains uncertain as it faces another deliberation in the Federal Parliament.

KATHMANDU, Aug 31: The government has decided to give permission to table the bill designed to amend and integrate laws related to Customs and Bill designed to amend and integrate laws related to Electricity, 2080 in the Parliament.

KATHMANDU, Aug 28: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Shakti Bahadur Basnet, pledged to table the Electricity Bill in the parliament within a week.

KATHMANDU, August 23: The major political parties in parliament have agreed to form an inquiry commission to investigate and examine the gold smuggling cases that have occurred thus far.

KATHMANDU, Aug 23: The parties have agreed on two points to end the deadlock in parliament.

Kathmandu, Aug 22: A meeting of the National Assembly scheduled for 1:01 PM today has been adjourned for 3:14 PM. According to Federal Parliament Secretariat Secretary General Dr Bharat Raj Gautam, the meeting was postponed by two hours and 13 minutes due to a special reason.

KATHMANDU, Aug 22: President Ramchandra Paudel has said that he is not trying to show activism, mentioning that he is worried about the ongoing obstruction in parliament.

KATHMANDU, Aug 11: President Ramchandra Paudel has expressed his interest in the ongoing deadlock in parliament. According to the President's Press Adviser Kiran Pokharel, President Paudel expressed his concern about the prolonged deadlock within parliament during a meeting held at Sheetal Niwas on Friday morning with Speaker Devraj Ghimire and National Assembly Speaker Ganesh Prasad Timilsina.

KATHMANDU, August 8: The main opposition party, CPN-UML, has continued with the obstruction of parliament after the government refused to form a high-level committee to investigate the 100 kg gold smuggling scam.

KATHMANDU, Aug 8: Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration, Aman Lal Modi, has said that the government would table the Federal Civil Service Bill in parliament to strengthen the federal administration.

KATHMANDU, Aug 7: The meeting of the top leaders of major political parties has concluded on a positive note, it has been said.

CPN-UML obstructs parliament again

August 1, 2023 15:10 pm

KATHMANDU, August 1: The main opposition party, the CPN-UML, has obstructed parliament today again as the ruling parties rejected the proposal to form a parliamentary probe committee to investigate gold smuggling, arguing that the government’s investigation is underway. As no agreement could be reached between the ruling parties and the CPN-UML, the meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) was adjourned until August 7.

KATHMANDU, August 1: The main opposition party, CPN-UML, which has been obstructing parliament over the issue of gold smuggling, is planning to propose the formation of an parliamentary inquiry committee to investigate the case.