NEW YORK, June 23: Police arrested 70 environmental protesters outside the New York Times headquarters who laid down in the street and climbed onto the building to demand the newspaper start referring to climate change as a climate emergency, police and media reports said.

MOSCOW, Sept 10: The former White House strategist drew a parallel between Trump's crises and that faced by US President Abraham Lincoln during the 19th-century American Civil War.

DELHI, Sept 9: The co-founder and executive chairman of China's Alibaba company, Jack Ma, has said that he will not be "stepping down" from his post on September 10, as was reported earlier, but instead will present a strategy for the gradual succession of company leadership, according to a spokesperson.

NEW YORK, Sept 7: The coup of publishing a column by an anonymous Trump administration official bashing the boss could backfire on The New York Times if the author is unmasked and turns out to be a little-known person, or if the newspaper’s own reporters solve the puzzle.

WASHINGTON DC, Sept 4: A New York Times report warning of an impending bloodbath in Idlib downplays the fact that the Syrian province is controlled by Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists, portraying the “rebels” as humanitarian-minded administrators.