The recruitment is illegal, say the Nepali stakeholders concerned

KATHMANDU, June 20: The outlawed Nepal Communist Party (NCP) on Saturday demanded that the Nepali youths be barred from joining the Gorkha Regiment (Indian Army).

Heed the youth

October 21, 2019 03:54 am

On September 20, when everybody’s attention was on Tudikhel where the government had organized an official event for the celebration of Constitution Day, in Maitighar and Baneshwar, some youths gathered with placards and banners that read: “Climate is changing, why aren’t we? #Friday for Future.”

Promoting family forestry

April 7, 2019 01:25 am

Family forests have played a lead role in economic transformation of Nepali farmers for decades. But slowly, this is getting replaced by various other forms of income generation and livelihood options. Majority of Nepali youths are in foreign land and others have migrated to city areas in search of opportunities and services.

Chasing Nepali Dream

December 1, 2018 00:20 am

A young South Asian, with dark eyebrows, bushy black hair, short but stout built, rushed to serve me. The moment he opened his mouth and spoke few words in English, I knew he was a Nepali. “Chiya lyaunush na hai” (please bring me a cup of tea) I responded in Nepali. His eyes lit up. “A dai, Nepali ho?” It was a statement in question.