KATHMANDU, March 19: A contract agreement has been signed to improve the electricity transmission and distribution system of eight districts in Province 2. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and Tata Project Limited on Wednesday signed a contract worth around Rs 4 billion for the implementation of Province 2 Rural Electrification Project.

NEA ED Shakya assumes office

February 14, 2021 18:22 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: Newly-appointed Executive Director (ED) of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Hitendra Dev Shakya on Sunday assumed his office at the central office of NEA.

KATHMANDU, Nov 22: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is going to import up to 250 megawatt of electricity from India to ensure a smooth supply of electricity during winter.

KATHMANDU, Sept 29: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has decided not to charge fines to its customers as the authority has been unable to resume the meter reading service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gyawali says there are no legal provisions for reappointing Ghising as NEA’s MD

KATHMANDU, Sept 15: Kulman Ghising, the outgoing managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), said  the state-owned public utility needs to find the market for electricity and improve quality and regularity of electricity.

KATHMANDU, Sept 15: The four-year term of Kulman Ghising as the managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) expired on Sunday, winning the hearts and minds of people across the country. People started calling him the 'light man' as he was able to end the chronic problem of power outage, commonly known as ‘load-shedding’, once and for all.

KATHMANDU, Aug 10:  Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) will disconnect the electricity supply, without issuing any prior notice, to those customers who fail to clear their electricity bills for two consecutive months.

KATHMANDU, Aug 5: The projects under Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) achieved 81.23 percent financial and 82.29 percent physical progress in the last fiscal year 2019/20. Power generation, transmission and distribution projects are being carried out by the authority.

KATHMANDU, Aug 3: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) fell behind in its target of making specified districts with full electrifications in the last fiscal year.

KATHMANDU, July 23: The government has allowed the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to carry out the entire procedure to export electricity with India and Bangladesh.

KATHMANDU, June 9: The government has defended its controversial decision to hike the taxes on electric vehicles, arguing that it had to revisit the tax rates and electricity tariffs to finance Rs 11.62 billion that the budget has announced in subsidies to the electricity users.

Transition is a must

June 7, 2020 14:00 pm

In the midst of every crisis, lies a great opportunity and every crisis adds courage. The world is dealing with an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis in a century. Health systems and businesses are being challenged. The power sector has been hard hit, as demand has fallen globally. Europe’s power prices have collapsed at the heart of the crisis, even turned negative in some countries.

KATHMANDU, June 4: 1.25 MW of electricity generated from Nepal’s biggest solar energy plant that is being constructed by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in Nuwakot has been connected to the national grid from Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, May 25: As the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has stepped up efforts to revise the electricity tariff rates stating that the new rates will reduce the cost burden on household consumers, the private sector has criticized the new rates arguing that they will adversely affect the growth of the industrial sector.

KATHMANDU, May 23: The construction of a transmission line from Dana of Myagdi to Kusma of Parbat under the Kaligandaki Corridor 220 kV transmission line is in the final phase.

KATHMANDU, April 9: The halt in industrial activities in the country due to the ongoing lockdown is expected to cause Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) a monthly loss of around Rs 2 billion.

KATHMANDU, April 4: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has earned a profit of Rs 10.67 billion in the fiscal year 2018/19. According to the Nepal Financial Reporting Standards (NFRS), the organization has earned the profit including Rs 855 million in comprehensive income. According to the final audit done by the Office of the Auditor General, the NEA has earned profit of Rs 9.81 billion in the FY 2018/19. NEA has now become the highest profit-making organization amongst the public organizations in operation. However, the cumulative loss of the NEA now stands at Rs 12.23 billion.

KATHMANDU, March 10: The contractor of Chilime-Trishuli 220 kV Transmission Line Project has agreed to expedite works by adding workers.

KATHMANDU, March 8: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is preparing to produce electricity from the country's largest solar plant system based in Nuwakot district in the next two months.

BUTWAL, Feb 29: Entrepreneurs of Rupandehi have warned of protest after the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) issued a 35-day notice to submit the dues stating that the entrepreneurs of the Butwal-Bhairahawa industrial corridor were supplied electricity through the trunk line.

KATHMANDU, Feb 21: Kaligandaki 'A' hydropower station at Mirmi, Syangja, Nepal's biggest half-reservoir hydropower project, has been shut down for three days from today for repair and maintenance, said the Nepal Electricity Authority.

PYUTHAN, Feb 19: There is a delay in the construction of a substation distribution line at Damti in the district.

Commendable job

February 18, 2020 09:18 am

The government has taken up the much needed work of installing underground electric wires in the Kathmandu Valley.

KATHMANDU, Feb 18: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has started its first phase of the underground electricity distribution system by laying underground power wires in Kathmandu. The first phase of the project will begin with works in areas under Ratnapark and Maharajgunj distribution center.

KATHMANDU, Feb 17: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has reduced the electricity leakage by 9.75% in the first six months of the current fiscal year, down from 11.28% that persisted in the last fiscal year. The NEA set a target to reduce electricity leakage to 8.5% in this fiscal year.

KATHMANDU, Feb 12: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), after a long hiatus, has again proposed seasonal tariff rates for power consumers.

KATHMANDU, Jan 31: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is preparing to revise electricity tariff for household consumers to increase electricity consumption.

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: The construction works of New Butwal substation at Sunwal of Nawalparasi (220/132 KV) and East Chitwan substation at Bhandara of Chitwan (132/33/11KV) have reached the final phase.

BANEPA, Dec 28: Kavre Distribution Center of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has said that it has been successful in controlling electricity leakage as per target.

RASUWA, Dec 22: The government of China has agreed to purchase electricity produced in Nepal. During a joint technical meeting between Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) on Saturday, the Chinese government has signed an agreement to purchase electricity from Nepal after the construction of Nepal-China cross-border transmission line. The SGCC is the state-owned electric utility monopoly of China.

KATHMANDU, Dec 5: The Upper Trishuli 3 'B' Hydropower Project (37 MW) has achieved 40% physical progress.

RASUWA, Nov 17: The Upper Trishuli 3A Hydropower Project is starting commercial generation of electricity from Monday. The project is starting commercial generation after eight and a half years of initiation of the project.

KATHMANDU, Nov 17: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is planning to add new transformers as a strategy to increase the power consumption. The NEA came up with such plan to maintain the electrical load to 50% to let the consumers use as much electricity as they need.

NEA mulls 15% power tariff hike

November 14, 2019 07:35 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 14: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is mulling a hike in electricity tariff at a time when the government is trying to reduce fuel imports and check the ever-widening trade deficit through increased production and use of electricity.

KATHMANDU, Nov 7: The Electricity Regulatory Commission has drafted a directive to streamline fixing of electricity tariff by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), amid ongoing scuffle between the state-owned power utility and industrialists on the rationale of paying premium charge dues on commercial use of electricity.

KATHMANDU, Nov 3: Managing Director of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Kulman Ghising has urged the private sector to join hands with the NEA in its efforts to maintain energy efficiency effectively.

KATHMANDU, Oct 26: Tihar, also known as Deepawali or the festival of lights started today.

KATHMANDU, Oct 20: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is planning to sign performance agreement with its staff to control power leakage and bring improvements in the service delivery and customer service.

Forgotten farmers

September 24, 2019 01:25 am

For the first time in its history, Nepal looks poised to realize its famed hydro power potential.  Load shedding [grid blackouts] has ended. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the national power utility, is profitable. There is a strong pipeline of new hydropower plants. Rural electrification is expanding rapidly. This newfound confidence has led Government to double its generation plans for the next decade from 10,000 MW to 20,000 MW.

KATHMANDU, Sept 16: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has announced that landlords cannot charge their tenants higher tariff on electricity than the normal charges set by the authority.

KATHMANDU, Sept 13: With the rising number of electric vehicles on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is planning to instal 50 charging stations for electric vehicles across all seven provinces within a year and a half.

When generosity kills

September 10, 2019 01:30 am

Nepal’s young democracy requires Nepalis to demand more from themselves and their government instead of falling victim to the allure of progress that foreign aid promises

KATHMANDU, Aug 25: The government has unveiled its ambitious plan of providing electricity to every household of the country within three years.

KATHMANDU, Aug 19: Nepal Electricity Authority, the state power authority of Nepal, celebrated its 34th anniversary on Sunday in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, Aug 14: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has earned a net profit of Rs 7.2 billion in the Fiscal Year 2018/19.

Kanchanpur, June 9: A powerful storm that hit the Kanchanpur district in Far West State, with its neighbour Kailali, a few days ago, caused a loss of over Rs 7.5 million to the Nepal Electricity Authority. As it largely damaged electric poles, cables and transformers there.

KATHMANDU, April 21: When it comes to proper management and timely completion, solar power projects of the country are no better than hydropower projects. The government’s plan to generate 51 MW electricity by harnessing solar power is most likely to be mired in delays and deadline extensions.

KATHMANDU, April 21: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) informed that its plan of generating 20 MW solar power from Devighat in Trishuli will materialize by the end of November.

KATHMANDU, April 18: Two 'sick' hydropower projects being developed by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) are on the last leg of construction. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has said that Kulekhani III and Upper Trishuli 3A will start power generation by mid-July.