NAWALPARASI, Jan 17: As many as 41 species of water birds have been found in the Narayani River area in the course of the water bird census this year.

BHARATPUR (Chitwan), Oct 26:The motorboat service in the Narayani River has come back into operation with the exit of monsoon. Motorboat operation on the river was temporarily suspended due to rising water levels caused by the monsoon rains.

Two go missing in Narayani River

September 28, 2023 14:10 pm

BHARATPUR, Sept 28: Two persons have gone missing in the Narayani River at Devghat while taking bath at around 7:00 AM today.

KATHMANDU, Sept 16: A new bridge is set to be built at the Narayani River near Narayanghat Bazar, and it will be positioned northward from the current bridge, which is an integral part of the East-West highway.

BHARATPUR, Aug 14: The water level in the rain-fed Narayani River is still exceeding the danger mark.

CHITWAN, June 22: Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Chitwan district has issued a 35-day notice to dismantle illegal structures that have encroached upon the banks of the Narayani River.

TRIVENI, May 15: A couple died after being drowned in the Narayani River in Nawalparasi (Bardaghat-Susta-East) district.

KAWASOTI, Feb 2: Conservationists have expressed concern saying that the security challenge will increase for the Chitwan National Park (CNP) from Nawalpur side after the water flow decreases in the Narayani River.

CHITWAN, Jan 15: A cruise-like ship will be operational in the Narayani River from today. Rhino Water Entertainment Company has announced that the cruise ship will be operational from today.

KATHMANDU, Dec 25: A signature bridge is going to be constructed over the Narayani River. With the government preparing to upgrade the East-West highway as the 'Asian Highway', another two-lane bridge is going to be built over the river.

BHARATPUR, Oct 29: Motorboats have started operating in Narayani River after the water level in the river subsided. Operation of motorboats had been stopped after the water flow increased and they resumed along with the festivals.

BHARATPUR, Oct 6: The water level in the flooded Narayani River has crossed the danger mark following incessant rain. As per the information shared at 7:30 AM by the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Flood Information Center, the river has crossed the danger mark at Narayanghat and Devghat.

CHITWAN, Jan 27: Construction of embankments has been started along the Narayani River. The embankment construction project is worth Rs 4.72 billion.

Chitwan Festival to start from January 9

November 15, 2021 14:15 pm

KATHMANDU, Nov 15: The Chitwan Festival, which could not be held last year due to COVID-19 pandemic, is scheduled to be held from January 9 to 18. The festival is being held on the bank of Narayani River with a small number of stalls keeping in view of the risk of COVID-19.

Baby rhino swept away in Narayani River

September 25, 2020 20:55 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 25: The swollen Narayani River swept away a three-year-old rhino from Chitwan National Park on Friday morning.

Narayani River crosses danger mark

September 24, 2020 15:00 pm

CHITWAN, Sept 24: The water level in the Narayani river has crossed the danger mark, following incessant rain for the last three days. It is estimated that the river level will rise further as the rain continues in areas of the origin of the river.

CHITWAN, Feb 9: A cruise ship will be available for public transportation from mid February.

CHITWAN, Jan 18: The 3rd edition of the Gaindakot festival will be held from January 29 to February 9 in the banks of Narayani River. The festival hopes to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to sell their local products and attract both domestic and international tourists.

BUTUWAL, Nov 24: The settlement of Susta in Nawalparasi shares border with India. On the western side, there is the Narayani River that serves as the borderline between the two countries. The locals have long demanded a bridge over the river, but to no avail. And the lack of bridge has made their life miserable.

KAWASOTI, Aug 8: A woman has been rescued when she attempted to commit suicide with her two offspring by jumping off the bridge over the Narayani River at Chhata Chowk in Binayi Triveni rural municipality in Nawalparasi (East).

CHITWAN, July 21: Preparations to start riverboat cruise in Narayani River before the Dashain festival are going on in full swing.

CHITWAN, April 14: A youth has gone missing in the Narayani River since this morning while another has been rescued by police.

Chitwan Festival kicks off

January 9, 2019 14:36 pm

CHITWAN, Jan 9: Chitwan Festival has commenced on the bank of the Narayani River here from today. It is organized by the Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is the 12th edition of the festival which is a biannual event organized around the theme – Chitwan’s Pride and Dignified Presentation.

Rhino sightings common around Bharatpur

November 29, 2018 03:30 am

CHITWAN, Nov 29: There are various community forests within Bharatpur Metropolitan City, which is adjoined to the Narayani River.