KATHMANDU, May 31: Non-life insurers will be giving continuity to farm insurance after they reached an agreement with the government on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, May 20: The government has expressed its commitment to maintain a smooth supply of chemical fertilizers for the upcoming rice plantation season despite having less than sufficient stock of fertilizers.

KATHMANDU, April 17: In response to the ongoing challenges in market management, the government has initiated a search for a General Manager through an open competition for the Dairy Development Corporation (DDC), which has been experiencing sustained financial losses. For this, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development issued a notice on Wednesday, inviting applications from eligible candidates.

KATHMANDU, April 15: The government has started the process to call tender bids to import chemical fertilizers with a target to bring in the agricultural inputs on time in order to avert their possible short supply during the upcoming paddy plantation season.

KATHMANDU, March 29: The government has fixed the minimum support price of pre-monsoon paddy (Chaite dhaan) for the fiscal year 2024/25.

KATHMANDU, March 26: At a time when the government has been announcing its plans to prioritize farm insurance through the budget for the next fiscal year, the insurers have stopped selling farm insurance policies citing the delay in getting the subsidy that the government has promised to provide them.

KATHMANDU, March 3: A five-point agreement has been reached between protesting farmers and the government, who have been pouring milk on the streets to exert pressure on the government to help expedite payment of around Rs 7 billion for their milk sales.

KATHMANDU, Dec 24: The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has disbursed Rs 800 million in subsidies to sugarcane farmers. Out of the total amount earmarked for disbursement in the last Fiscal Year (FY) 2022/23, which amounted to Rs 1.32 billion, the aforementioned sum has been paid in the current FY.

KATHMANDU, Sept 29: Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development, Dr Beduram Bhusal conducted a thorough monitoring of the central offices under the Ministry.

KATHMANDU, March 20: The government has halted the decision made by the thematic committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development and has decided to continue the subsidy on chemical fertilizers.

KATHMANDU, March 2: While being criticized for delaying the implementation of pesticide testing standards for vegetables imported from India, the government has said that the standards for measuring the quality of all imported and indigenous vegetables are the same.

KATHMANDU, Feb 21: The government allocated Rs 8.5 billion to be spent through the provincial and local levels for agricultural self-sufficiency programs to increase production. However, the Ministry of Finance has withheld Rs 8.457 billion of this subsidy amount meant for Nepali farmers while the agricultural products worth millions of rupees are being imported from abroad instead of promoting home-grown products.

KATHMANDU, Feb 4: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has drawn the attention of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development to appropriately address the issue of agitating farmers, who dumped several tons of vegetables in the streets for not getting a fair price.

KATHMANDU, Jan 2: The dairy businesspersons, who recently hiked the price of milk citing rise in production cost of milk, have withdrawn their decision to increase the price.

KATHMANDU, June 11: The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has been criticized in parliament for not delivering chemical fertilizers on time. During the discussions on the agriculture ministry in the House of Representatives recently under various headings of the Appropriation Bill, the members of the parliament complained that the farmers were at a grave loss due to the government not delivering fertilizers on time. They urged the government m to pay special attention to this.

KATHMANDU, Dec 6: A government study has shown that the pandemic has caused about Rs 12 billion losses in agriculture and livestock sector. Although the impact on the agriculture sector is relatively low, a study conducted by the National Planning Commission (NPC) found that COVID-19 has seriously impacted the agriculture and livestock sector.

KATHMANDU, April 22: The World Food Programme (WFP) Nepal office has prepared two reports on food security and vulnerability in the last 15 days. The first one on April 6 and the second on April 16. These reports aimed at tracking Nepal’s food security situation after the COVID-19. However, the UN agency reports have invited criticism and objections from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD), the government authority in computation and dissemination of food security-related data in Nepal.

KATHMANDU, April 8: The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has started work on a relief package for farmers suffering huge losses due to the lockdown.

KATHMANDU, July 16: The incessant rain during the last couple of days has caused agricultural losses in Province 1 amounting to around Rs 815.47 million, according to a preliminary report prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.

KATHMANDU, Dec 19: Paddy production is projected to grow by 4.8 percent to 5.4 million tons this year. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development had projected paddy production to grow to this level in 2017. However, only 5.15 million tons of was produced in the year due to late monsoon and floods in Tarai districts.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development on Friday prohibited four slaughterhouses in Lalitpur district to supply meat to the market for failing to meet minimum standards set by the Animal Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Act.