KATHMANDU, August 2: The resumption of Melamchi drinking water supply to Kathmandu Valley has fallen uncertain as the massive flood on Sunday caused further damages in the infrastructures of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

KATHMANDU, June 10: Kathmandu Valley residents, who got some respite by the supply of ‘Melamchi water’, will not be receiving water supply from the project for around two months beginning June 15.

KATHMANDU, April 2:  The Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL), water supply authority in Kathmandu Valley, has begun distributing Melamchi water at Balaju area in Kathmandu starting Friday.

KATHMANDU, March 28: The residents of the Kathmandu Valley have started receiving the much-anticipated drinking water supplied by the Melamchi Drinking Water Project. Water of the Melamchi River in Sindhupalchowk district that was brought to the Valley through a long tunnel started flowing from their taps from Sunday.

KATHMANDU, March 28: Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) has finally started distributing the drinking water brought through the Melamchi Drinking Water Project from Sunday afternoon.

KATHMANDU, March 27: The residents of Kathmandu Valley are getting drinking water supplied by the Melamchi Drinking Water Project starting Sunday with Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) planning to supply 170 million liters of water from the project to its 80,000 clients.