BUTUWAL, Jan 16: Rabina Chaudhary of Rajapur of Bardiya district was married off when she was just 16. It was in 2001. The next year, her husband, Krim Kumar Chaudhary went missing. He was reportedly taken away by the police. Krim Kumar was 20 then. Eighteen years down the line, Rabina is clueless about the whereabouts of her husband.

Derailing justice

August 27, 2019 01:25 am

Transitional Justice (TJ) is once again hogging the news lines following the run-off-the-mill discussions among the political leaders to agree on the leadership of the bodies constituted to look into war-era cases. But what will the appointment do? Who is the appointment for? Given that TJ remains a delicate thread in the power balance within the corridors of Singha Durbar, it is clear that the appointment will be made to facilitate the existing power structure rather than make it victim-friendly. One needs to examine the nature of engagement of various stakeholders in the process.

RUKUM, July 15: The Maoist rebels had launched their decade-long armed struggle by attacking a police post in Aathbiskot Municipality of Rukum. Hundreds of people lost their lives during the insurgency period in the district. The eastern part of the district was especially affected by the conflict.

RUKUM, Feb 15: With the objective of creating a just and equal society, hundreds of youths from Rukum had participated in the decade-long armed conflict launched by the then Maoist rebels. Despite shedding their sweat and blood for their rights and opportunities, they lament that their efforts have turned futile.

GULMI, Sept 4: Data maintained by the district chapter of TRC shows that over a dozen people from the district were victims of enforced disappearance. GULMI, Sept 4: Laxman Marasini of Resunga Municipality-9 of Gulmi, formerly known as Tamghas-6,  had left home on January 26, 2001 to meet his brother in Butwal. He never returned home. His wife Shanta is still hopeful of seeing him return home alive after all these years.