KATHMANDU, Dec 18: Thirteen individuals were injured when a tipper hit a van near Maithawa in Kohalpur Municipality-3 of Banke district.

NEPALGUNJ, Dec 16: The Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI), Kohalpur, has seized the cargo truck that passed through the Nepalgunj Customs Office. The truck bearing Indian number HR 67B 1130 was seized by the DRI, Kohalpur on Friday evening.

NEPALGUNJ, April 18: A well-equipped Bus Park with shopping complex has been constructed in Banke's second large city in Kohalpur.

BANKE, Jan 30: Bhanu BK of Kohalpur Municipality-2 in  Shaktinagar, set his wife Ganga and 2-year-old son Prince on fire before fleeing the scene on Sunday.

Woman dies in NEA van-hit

December 18, 2022 12:25 pm

RAJHA, Dec 18: A woman died after being hit by a pick-up van of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in Banke's Kohalpur last night.

KATHMANDU, August 29: Kohalpur remains tense since early this morning as a team led by Mayor Purna Prasad Acharya tried to remove illegal structures built by encroaching upon public land in the town. The mayor-led team was deployed from early morning to remove the illegal structures and towers along the New Road in Kohalpur.

KOHALPUR, July 29:  Krishna Kumar Gadia, 25 and his wife Anjali, 23 were found dead in Kohalpur Municipality-14 of Banke on Tuesday Morning.

Due to the increasing number of daily infections, the corona wards of COVID hospitals in Bheri and Kohalpur have been sending infected patients home as the hospitals are in no state of admitting patients from other districts.

Condition of seven injured persons in the accident is said to be critical.

KOHALPUR, April 24: Janakala Malla of Gamgadhi-1, Mugu had come to Nepalgunj for treatment a month ago. Before she was treated, the government announced nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of novel coronavirus disease in the country. Consequently, she was forced to spend a month without treatment.

Youth held for sexual assault

April 9, 2020 10:27 am

KOHALPUR, April 9 : Police have arrested a youth on the charge of sexual assault on a girl in Kohalpur.

BANKE, March 11: A woman was killed when a tipper truck (Ra 1 Kha 2188) hit a bicycle she was riding near Piparichowk in Kohalpur municipality-8 in the district today.

NEPALGUNG, Jan 18: Krishna Bahadhur Khadka, the chairman of Kohalpur Municipality-12 who was found dead in a hotel in Baharaich, India, earlier this week had committed suicide after failing to repay bank loans, it has been learnt.

NEPALGUNJ, Jan 15: The ward chairperson of Kohalpur municipality-12 Krishna Bahadur Khadka has been found dead in Bahraich, India.

NEPALGUNJ, Dec 9: The conflict that escalated after a truck hit a student in Kohalpur of Banke district on Sunday has not come under control yet.

KOHALPUR, Dec 9: At least two dozen students and locals were injured when police opened fire after clashes erupted when a truck hit a schoolgirl in Kohalpur in Banke district on Sunday morning.

Three gamblers arrested in Banke

October 10, 2019 07:14 am

BANKE, Oct 10: Police have arrested three gamblers with Rs 98 thousand from Kohalpur-11.

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 2: A team of Area Police Office, Kohalpur have opened fire in Nepalgunj to take control of defendant of a robbery case.

NLIC branches out to Kohalpur

May 2, 2019 10:30 am

KATHMANDU, May 2: National Life Insurance Company Ltd (NLIC) has opened a new branch office at Kohalpur of Banke.

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 18: Locals allege that there has been massive deforestation in the Kohalpur area due to the nexus between timber smugglers and forest department officials.

Rape cases rise in Kohalpur

September 14, 2018 06:00 am

Cases of rape are increasing of late in Kohalpur of Banke district. A few months after a 10-year-0ld girl was raped in Kohalpur, another 13-year-old girl has been raped a few weeks ago.

KOHALPUR, March 30: On May 15, 2016, a 19-year-old girl of Sindhupalchowk was rescued by police from Kohalpur bus station. Lakpa Sonam Lama, 36, and Dindu Tamang, 26 of Sindhupalchowk were caught red-handed while transporting the girl to India. They had persuaded the girl into travelling with them to India luring her with good job. They had successfully crossed all the check points while leaving their home district. After a tip-off, police reached the spot and nabbed them.

KATHMANDU, March 29: Trailer of comedy film ‘Kohalpur Express’ was launched amid a special program organized on the premises of Rising Mall, Kathmandu on Wednesday.

KOHALPUR, March 28: On May 15, 2016, a 19-year-old girl of Sindhupalchowk was rescued by police from Kohalpur bus station. Lakpa Sonam Lama, 36, and Dindu Tamang, 26 of Sindhupalchowk were caught red-handed while transporting the girl to India.

Minor raped in Kohalpur

March 28, 2018 02:30 am

KOHALPUR, March 28: Police have arrested a man on the charge of raping a ten-year-old girl of Janaki Rural Municipality on Saturday.

KOHALPUR, Oct 27:  Squatters who had built a settlement at Kohalpur-11 by encroaching upon the road at Chauraha have been removed after 12 years. Without the use of force, police removed 72 huts built on the roadside and being used for commercial and household purposes.

KOHOLPUR, July 24: In Banke, the number of people applying for the citizenship certificate has been doubled.

Kohalpur hospitals reopen

July 20, 2017 08:20 am

KOHALPUR, July 19: Emergency and out-patient services at hospitals and clinics in Kohalpur resumed on Wednesday evening. Some hospitals and clinics had halted services on Tuesday following an alleged attack on a doctor at Maa Janaki Hospital, Nepalgunj.

KOHALPUR, July 5: Candidate of CPN-UML Loot Bahadur Rawat  has been elected as the mayor of Kohalpur  Municipality. Rawat secured 9,007 votes while his immediate rival of Nepali Congress Bhanu Bhakta Bhattarai got 8,920 votes.

Unidentified body found in Kohalpur

April 5, 2017 20:05 pm

KOHALPUR, April 5: An identified body has been found on the bank of a rivulet in Kohalpur.

KOHALPUR, Aug 31: A youth, who was staying at a Kohalpur-based hotel in Banke district, has been found dead. Bikash Rai, 30, who was staying at Poplife Hotel, Kohalpur-11, with his friends, was found dead, apparently due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Girl gang-raped in Kohalpur

August 24, 2016 19:21 pm

KOHALPUR, Aug 24: A 20-year-old girl has been gang-raped at around 11 pm on Tuesday night while she was returning home after watching Teej dance. According to police, the girl was gang-raped by two boys at a jungle near Kohalpur-7.

NEPALGUNJ, July 2: A child was stolen from Nepalgunj Medical College, Kohalpur on Saturday afternoon. A 5-year-old Srijan Oli, a resident of Tulsipur Municipality-5 went out of the sight suddenly.