PANCHTHAR, Nov 11: The 137th birth anniversary of Phalgunanda Lingdel, a Mahaguru (great religious leader) admired and followed by the Kirat community, is being observed in various districts of Province 1.

BIRATNAGAR, Jan 12: Even though ruling party members of the provincial assembly of Province 1  have been saying in public that an 'agreement will be reached among political parties over naming the province', the process of formally deciding a name has been in limbo for the past several months while the provincial government awaits a nod from the center.

IN PICTURES: Above the clouds

May 3, 2019 12:30 pm

Mundum is an orally passed down heritage of the indigenous Kirat people which guides their rites, culture, and life in lieu of written religious texts. Khotang, Bhojpur, Solukhumbu and Okhaldhunga in Eastern Nepal are the primary domains of the mundum following Kirat people.

Videos to Document Kirat Rai Culture

October 29, 2017 11:37 am

DHARAN, Oct 29: With an aim to promote the tradition and culture of the Kirat Rai community, Kirat Rai Sanskritik Kalakar Sangh has documented the customs in the form of a music video. According to President of Kirat Rai Sanskritik Kalakar Sangh Janak Rai, the music video showcases various Kirat Rai traditions performed during marriage ceremony, among many other occasions.