SIMKOT, Aug 21: The district headquarters of Humla is to receive foodstuffs via Kerung point after they are supplied from Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, Aug 10: Jhalakram Adhikari, the director general of the Department of Immigration (DoI), has announced a positive development in discussions with China concerning the issuance of entry permits for truck drivers heading to Kerung, China via the Rasuwagadhi border crossing.

RASUWA, April 5: Goods made in Nepal, including bamboo chairs, are being exported to the Chinese market. With the opening of export operations some time ago, the Nepali businessmen here have started taking the goods made in Nepal to Kerung in China day by day.

KATHMANDU, Jan 13: Traders and locals have demanded that the two transit points with China be made operational as the operation has not been smooth for a long time.

Nepali handicraft exhibition in Kerung

October 22, 2019 16:04 pm

A handicraft exhibition and fair has been organized in Nepal-China border Kerung to promote and distribute Nepali traditional handicrafts.

Lack of containers stall goods in Kerung

September 22, 2019 07:57 am

RASUWA, Sept 22: Due to shortage of containers in Kerung of China, traders are facing problem to import their goods and commodities from the northern neighbor. The shortage of containers to transport goods from China has led to a stockpiling of huge amount of goods inside godowns in Kerung in the eve of Dashain festivals.

RASUWA, July 24: More than 10,000 Nepalis have so far acquired entry card to cross the border with China, according to the immigration office, Rasuwa.

RASUWA, June 23: Twenty-two drivers and assistants of containers importing and exporting goods from Kerung, China, have been provided with temporary letters of permit for entry into China.

RASUWA, April 10: The Chinese government has started providing temporary passes to Nepali container drivers to enter Kerung, a bordering town to China's Tibetan Autonomous Region with the objective of improving trade relations between the two nations.

RASUWA, Jan 23: The transportation between Nepal-China border Kerung to Kathmandu has been blocked due to heavy snowfall that occurred in Kerung on Tuesday night.

RASUWA, Jan 9: The Chinese side agreed to provide a 15-day temporary pass to Nepali drivers with valid passports to enter to Kerung, a bordering town with China's Tibetan Autonomous Region, to help facilitate smooth trade between the two countries.

RASUWA, Dec 19: The number of people's representatives and governmental employees visiting Kerung has increased in the recent days. According to the District Immigration Office, Rasuwa, all of the elected representatives and governmental officials stationed in Rasuwa in the recent years have visited Kerung.

RASUWA, Sept 13: Food commodities meant for Dolpa district are stuck at Rasuwagadhi trade point in Rasuwa for the past one month. As many as 80 containers carrying 4.5 tons of rice and 2.7 tons of iodized salt to Upper Dolpo region of Dolpa via Tibetan Autonomous Region of China are stuck at Nepal’s only trading point with China for the past one month.

RASUWA, Sept 9: Trade via Rasuwagadhi along the northern border point has now reopened, but traders say they cannot immediately import goods for the upcoming Teej festival from the China. The reason, according to them,  is lack of containers to supply goods from Kerung, the nearest market in Tibet.

RASUWA, Aug 19: Delay in repair of a flood-damaged bridge in Rasuwa has cut off the country’s linkage with China’s Tibet, halting bilateral trade for the past three weeks. Over 200 containers carrying Chinese goods are stuck in Kerung during this period.