JUMLA, July 3: The road division office is set to demolish houses and other structures haphazardly constructed by encroaching upon the Karnali Highway.

BIRENDRANAGAR, May 16: CCTV cameras have been installed at the main crossings of the Karnali Highway. CCTV cameras have been installed at various places in Barahatal Rural Municipality-5 of Surkhet along the Karnali Highway in the Baddichaur market area.

KALIKOT, Feb 22: The Karnali Highway has been known as a ‘death road’ for a long time. Although the government has spent millions of rupees to speed up the construction of various roads and bridges here, the bridges are still left incomplete.

Nagma-Gamadhi road to be upgraded

February 8, 2023 13:30 pm

KALIKOT, Feb 8: The Nagma-Gamgadhi route along the Karnali Highway will be upgraded. The 93-kilometre route serves as an approach road to Nepal's major touristic destination Rara Lake.

JUMLA, Oct 25: The Karnali Highway has fully come into operation after 20 days of disruption due to floods and landslides triggered by incessant rains at several places along the highway from October 5 to 10.

KALIKOT, Oct 11: It is going to take a few more days before traffic can be resumed on the Karnali highway which remains disrupted due to incessant rains. Vehicular movement on the highway is disrupted following landslides at over three dozen places in the Kalikot section of the highway.

Landslide obstructs Karnali Highway

September 18, 2022 10:51 am

DAILEKH, Sept 18: The landslides that occurred in several places along the Highway have obstructed the Karnali Highway.

A scary journey on Karnali highway

August 23, 2022 19:00 pm

KALIKOT, August 23: Daman Bahadur Shahi of Khandachakra Municipality-6 of Kalikot boarded a bus to go to Jumla after a long time. An 82 km long road has to be crossed to reach Jumla from Kalikot. Shahi, who traveled by bus during the rainy season, said that his heart skipped a beat 160 times before he reached Jumla.

KALIKOT, August 23: Karnali highway has been closed for 36 hours. Two concrete bridges built along the highway have been closed to check their load bearing capacity.

KARNALI, June 19 - Risk is increasing every year as the government has kept on allocating very less budget for the construction of infrastructures on the Karnali Highway, which is steep, accident-prone and difficult.

SURKHET, May 26: Four persons were killed when a passenger bus en route to Nepalgunj from Mugu met with an accident in Dailekh section of the Karnali Highway.

Karnali highway resumes after two days

August 28, 2019 17:12 pm

JUMLA, Aug 28: Vehicular movement along the Karnali highway resumed today as Road Division Office cleared the landslide that had been disrupting the road since Monday.

JUMLA, Aug 17: Sher Bahadur Bohora of Jumla recently traveled to Surkhet last week. That was not the first time he made the trip. However, he was never scared as he was on that trip. ‘That was not a journey, it was a nightmare’.

JUMLA, July 31: Transportation along the Karnali Highway, which remained closed due to landslides for the past four days, has resumed from today.

JUMLA, July 28: The Karnali Highway has remained disrupted due to the landslide triggered by incessant rains since Sunday morning.

SURKHET, April 7: Various sections of the Karnali highway have been obstructed due to floods and landslides caused by heavy rain and hailstorm on Saturday night.

SURKHET, March 26: The raging flood in the Bheri River in 2014 killed 10 people and inundated dozens of homes. A large part of arable land was inundated.

KALIKOT, Sept 7: For years, the people of Karnali have been trying to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to the 'dangerous' condition of the Karnali Highway.