KATHMANDU, June 3: The first meeting of the third session of the Madhesh Province Assembly was blocked by the Janamat Party.

KATHMANDU, May 28: On the occasion of Republic Day, the Janamat Party has announced what it calls a ‘New Republican Movement’ aimed at addressing the economic and political challenges in the country.

ILAM, April 6: The Janamat Party registered its nominations first at the office of the Chief Electoral Officer in Ilam for the by-election being held in Ilam-2.

KATHMANDU, March 13: The Janamat Party has dispatched a letter to the Parliament Secretariat, officially notifying the prosecution of MP Goma Labh Sapkota.

KATHMANDU, March 12: The CK Raut-led Janamat Party has made it clear that it will not join the new alliance.

Janamat Secretariat meeting underway

February 4, 2024 13:59 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 4: A secretariat meeting of the Janamat Party is underway to discuss contemporary politics.

KATHMANDU, Jan 23: CK Raut-led Janamat Party has quit the Madhesh Province government.

KATHMANDU, Jan 1: The police detained Janamat Party president CK Raut along with party leaders and cadres on Monday for staging a protest in the restricted zone. They, however, were released after some time.

KATHMANDU, Aug 19: Janamat Party is conducting a voting today for the evaluation of provincial assembly members. Janamat Party Secretary BP Shah stated that approval and work performance evaluation is being carried out through voting in the constituencies of 16 provincial assembly members elected from the Janamat Party.

KATHMANDU, Aug 11: The Janamat party has rejoined the government after four months. President Ramchandra Paudel administered the oath of office and secrecy to Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration, Anita Devi Sah, at a ceremony held today at the President's Office at Sheetal Niwas.

Cabinet to be expanded today

August 13, 2023 14:15 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has prepared to expand the Cabinet today.

KATHMANDU, Aug 12: The Janamat Party has started collecting public opinion to evaluate the approval ratings of its local representatives. For this purpose, the party has requested the members whose names are in the voter list published by the party at the local level to vote with the party card.

KATHMANDU, Aug 9: Leaders and activists of CK Raut-led Janamat Party gathered on the streets of Maitighar Mandala in Kathmandu to express solidarity with the demands of the indigenous communities. The party urged the government to address their demands.

KATHMANDU, Aug 5: The Janamat Party has demanded the government to provide relief to the farmers suffering in dry areas of Madhesh.

KATHMANDU, Aug 4: The Janamat Party has said it will continue its support to the federal and provincial governments.

KATHMANDU, August 2: The National Council meeting of the Janamat Party has begun here today. The meeting kicked off a while ago at a hotel in the federal capital, according to the party's Central Spokesperson Dr Sharad Singh Yadav.

KATHMANDU, Aug 1: The cabinet in Madhesh Province has been reshuffled for the sixth time after two ministers belonging to the Janamat Party led by Dr CK Raut resigned from the post on Monday. The Janamat party had one minister and one state minister in the cabinet of Madhesh province.

KATHMANDU, July 25: Janamat Party has called a meeting of its Central Committee on August 3 at 7 AM at Kwality Banquet, Buddhanagar in the capital.

KATHMANDU, June 13: Efforts are being made to bring Janamat Party back into the government. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal himself is trying to bring the Janamat Party into the government. For this purpose, Prime Minister Dahal has held one/two rounds of discussions with the Chairman of the Janamat Party, CK Raut. There are claims from a source that Raut has shown a positive response to Dahal's proposal of participating in the government. Chandan Singh, general secretary of the Janamat Party, said, "It is not that we will not join the government, we can join the government."

KATHMANDU, May 27: A Central Committee meeting of the Janamat Party on Friday decided to recall its two members of the House of Representatives (HoR). Sonu Murmu and Binita Singh representing the party under the proportional representation (PR) system in the lower house have been recalled.

KATHMANDU, May 26: The Central Committee meeting of the Janamat Party led by CK Raut has begun in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, April 15: The Janamat Party, which left the government after not getting the water supply ministry, is preparing to leave the ruling coalition. The Janamat Party leader believes that Nepali Congress, Maoist Center, CPN (Unified Socialist Party) and other parties in the alliance have betrayed them.

KATHMANDU, March 31: Minister for Water Supply and Sanitation Abdul Khan, who is a leader of CK Raut-led Janamat Party, submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Friday.

KATHMANDU, March 26: Janamat Party has appointed its party in-charges in six districts of Madhesh Province. The party said that the responsibility of the in-charge has been assigned to form the district committee in order to advance the party's work and expand the organization.

KATHMANDU, March 11: Janamat Party has decided to field Mamata Jha as the party’s vice presidential candidate.

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Chairman of Janamat Party Dr CK  Raut has said that they will participate in the government only if they get the Ministry of Industry.

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: Chairman of Janamat Party, CK Raut has said that standing in parliament was a new feeling for him especially while considering that it was once forbidden to take his name in parliament.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: The Janamat Party has sought six months' performance details from the people's representatives elected from the party at local levels. Party Chairman and lawmaker CK Rawat wrote letters to all those elected from the party at local levels to furnish details on what progress they made in the last six months.

KATHMANDU, Dec 25: Chairman of Janamat Party, CK Raut, has reached the residence of CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli at Balkot for discussion with leaders of the various political parties in a bid to form a new coalition government.

KATHMANDU, Dec 19: Chairperson of the Janamat Party, Dr CK Raut, has been nominated the Party's parliamentary party (PP) leader.

With the result announcement process by the Election Commission almost in the final stage, the parties have begun assessing the number of seats won by them and also started intensive talks and dialogue for the formation of a new government. One of the two new parties to be present in parliament in the capacity of national party is the Janamat Party led by Chandra Kanta (CK) Raut.

Emergence of Rabi Lamichhane-led Rastriya Swatantra Party and CK Raut-led Janamat Party as two new national parties

KATHMANDU, Dec 2: The Tarai Madhesh-centered Janamat Party and Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (LSP) are ready to join the new coalition government under the leadership of the current ruling coalition.

KATHMANDU, Dec 2: A meeting was held between CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Janamat Party Chairman Dr CK Raut on Thursday.

RAJBIRAJ, Nov 23:  CK Raut, president of Janmat Party, has been elected as a member of the House of Representatives from Saptari-2 with a landslide victory. He defeated JSP President Upendra Yadav by a wide margin of 18,073 votes.

CK Raut leading in Saptari-2

November 23, 2022 11:13 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 23: CK Raut of Janamat Party is still leading in Saptari Constituency No. 2. Raut has secured 27,927 votes.

RAJBIRAJ, Nov 22: Mahesh Prasad Yadav of the Janamat Party has won the membership of the provincial assembly from Constituency No 2(b) of Saptari. Yadav won by a margin of 6302 votes.

CK Raut maintains a lead in Saptari-2

November 21, 2022 16:29 pm

KATHMANDU, Nov 21:  CK Raut of Janamat Party is leading the vote count by more than twice as many votes as Janata Samajwadi Party’s Upendra Yadav in Saptari Constituency-2. Raut has secured 3,016 votes so far.

KATHMANDU, April 15: Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand said the government is positive to address the demands put forth by the Janamat Party.

JANAKPURDHAM, Feb 9: Janamat Party Chairman Dr CK Raut has warned of creating obstructions in the local level elections if the demands of the farmers are not met.

JANAKPUR, Jan 27: Madhesh Province has issued an order to book the unruly cadres of the Janamat Party who resorted to vandalizing the vehicles of the people’s representatives in the province headquarters, Janakpurdham.

JANAKPURDHAM, Jan 26: A tussle broke out between party members of Janamat Party led by CK Raut and security personnel at Janakpurdham today. Security officers had to use force to disperse the protestors from entering the election hall of the National Assembly building.

LAHAN, Dec 26: Members of the Janamat party led by CK Raut vandalized over a dozen vehicles in Siraha on Sunday while protesting against the arrest of a person allegedly involved in stealing wheat seeds stored by Aourahi Rural Municipality. The accused was arrested by police in Siraha.

KATHMANDU, Oct 23: The Nepal Engineers Association, Bagmati Pradesh and the official trade union of civil servants have staged a protest at Maitighar Mandala on Friday demanding arrest of C.K Raut, leader of Janamat Party after Rajesh Kushwaha, chief of the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage Management (DWSSM), Janakpur, and other employees were mistreated by cadres of the Janamat Party.

KATHMANDU, Nov 24: Janamat Party led by CK Raut, who was once outlawed for his secessionist agenda, organized a mass rally in Bhrikuti Mandap area in Kathmandu against what it called “color discrimination”.

MAHOTTARI, Nov 13: Janamat Party led by C.K. Raut has fielded Anjana Devi Mandal for the November 30 by-election for the post of chairperson of Pipara rural municipality in Mahottari district.

Raut applies for party registration

April 29, 2019 07:57 am

KATHMANDU, April 29: Former secessionist leader CK Raut has filed an application at the Election Commission to register his Janamat Party.

CK Raut launches Janamat Party

March 19, 2019 05:00 am

KATHMANDU, March 19: CK Raut, the leader of the Alliance for Independent Madhes (AIM) who gave up his secessionist demand by signing an agreement with the government on March 8, has launched a new party named Janamat Party to join mainstream politics.

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