KATHMANDU, Dec 13: Harka Sampang, the mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolitan City, recently met with Balen Shah, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, during a visit to the capital. During their meeting, Sampang placed a cap from Bhadgaon on Mayor Shah.

DHARAN, June 13: At a time when the residents of Dharan are facing an extreme shortage of drinking water, Mayor Harka Sampang has managed to bring water from the Kokaha River from a distance of about 42 kms through a voluntary labor contribution campaign.

DHARAN, Dec 22:  The court has halted Dharan Sub-metropolis Mayor Harka Sampang’s plan to build a soap factory in Dharan, saying the sub-metropolis had proceeded with the plan to build the factory without completing the due process.

DHARAN, Dec 15:  Due to a conflict between Dharan Sub-metropolis Mayor Harka Sampang who won the mayorship as an independent candidate and ward chairmen and executive members of the sub-metropolis who were elected from various political parties, the executive meeting of Dharan has been continuously  postponed.

DHARAN, Nov 20: Harka Raj Rai (Sampang), the mayor of Dharan, voted today in the elections to members of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly.

KATHMANDU, Oct 15: Harka Sampang, mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, has announced to give one month's salary to Sharmila Tamang, who went viral on social media after the city police of Kathmandu Metropolitan City took away her cart.

KATHMANDU, September 13: Mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolitan City Harka Sampang has succeeded in bringing water to locals in Dharan sub-metropolis as promised during the local level election.

KATHMANDU, August 25: Harka Sampang, the mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolitan City, has made another comment on the work of Kathmandu Matropolitan City Mayor Balendra Shah.

KATHMANDU, August 22: A well-wisher has gifted a bicycle to Harka Sampang, the mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolitan city.

KATHMANDU, August 18: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Mayor Balendra Shah and Dharan Sub-Metropolis Mayor Harka Sampang have argued over Facebook on the problems seen in the management of waste in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, August 18: Mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolitan City Harka Sampang  has published the list of work he accomplished in 100 days.