BRUSSELS, Dec 8: The European Union failed to clinch a deal Thursday on a sweeping law on artificial intelligence after nearly 24 hours of negotiations, but vowed to continue talks the next day.

In a disheartening revelation, the European Union (EU) has decided to continue with its ban on Nepali airlines, restricting them to fly over EU's sky. This disappointing news comes despite the optimistic claims made by high-level government officials assuring the public that the ban was on the brink of being lifted. The repercussions of the EU's decision are not merely confined to the aviation sector but extend their ominous reach into the heart of Nepal's economy and tarnish its international standing.

KIEV, Nov. 18: Ukraine will build a "dry port" in the western Zakarpattia region to boost grain exports to the European Union (EU), local authorities said Thursday.

KATHMANDU, Nov 16: The European Union has provided a 2 million Euro aid package to provide relief to the people impacted by the earthquake that struck Nepal earlier this month.

STRASBOURG, Oct 19: The European Union "cannot accept" Israel stopping water supplies to Gaza's population, which "clearly" violates international law, the bloc's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, Oct 13: Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has urged the European Union (EU) to remove Nepal from their aviation safety concern list.

KYIV, Ukraine, Oct 3: The European Union signalled its long-term support for Ukraine on Monday as its foreign ministers convened in Kyiv for a historic first gathering outside the bloc's borders.

KATHMANDU, July 21: A grant agreement of more than Rs 10.5 billion has been signed between Nepal and the European Union (EU) for two different programs.

KATHMANDU, July 17: The European Union (EU) has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Nepal's vital sectors by allocating EUR 12 million (approximately NPR 1.7 billion) for the Agriculture and Rural Development Program and EUR 4.7 million (approximately NPR 660 million) for School Sector Development.

For over a decade, Nepal has been grappling with the consequences of being blacklisted by the European Union (EU) in terms of air safety. Despite the efforts of the Nepali side to convince them to take Nepali airlines companies off the blacklist, the EU continues to ban 20 Nepali airliners from operating within its member states.

KATHMANDU, June 11: The European Union (EU) has refused to remove Nepali airlines companies from its blacklist.

LONDON, May 22: The European Union slapped Meta with a record $1.3 billion privacy fine Monday and ordered it to stop transferring user data across the Atlantic by October, the latest salvo in a decadelong case sparked by U.S. cybersnooping fears.

BRUSSELS, March 21: The European Union and international donors on Monday pledged seven billion euros (US$7.5 billion) to help Turkiye and Syria in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated parts of the neighbouring countries last month.

KATHMANDU, March 21: The government has decided to accept a grant aid of 50 million Euros from the European Union for the school education sector programs.

SUDURPASCHIM, March 16: Chief Minister of Sudurpaschim Province, Kamal Bahadur Shah, has urged the delegation of the European Union to Nepal to help in the promotion of the energy sector.

KATHMANDU, Jan 21: The European Union (EU)'s team that was planning to travel to Nepal for undertaking an 'on-site evaluation' of aviation safety has put off its plan.

KATHMANDU: In an effort to develop skilled human resources for increasing trade capacity with better preparation for Nepal’s graduation from the Least Developed Country (LDC) status, the European Union has extended support for grooming Tribhuvan University (TU) professors as experts in international market intelligence.

KATHMANDU, Nov 7: The European Union in Nepal is collaborating with the authorities concerned to increase participation of women in football in Karnali Province.

KATHMANDU, Sept 30: A technical team of the European Union (EU) is all set to arrive in Nepal to audit Nepal’s aviation safety. The visit of the technical team is expected to lift Nepal’s aviation sector from the EU’s Air Safety List for nearly 10 years now.

KATHMANDU, Sept 21: A delegation of the European Parliament (EP) will arrive in Kathmandu for a two-day visit on Thursday. The visit is aimed at contributing to further strengthening relations between the EU and Nepal and exploring ways of stepping up cooperation in the days ahead, according to the European Union (EU).

KATHMANDU, July 30: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Jeevan Ram Shrestha has asked the European Union (EU) to remove Nepali aircrafts from its blacklist.

BRUSSELS, May 30: European Union leaders will meet on Monday to declare continued support for Ukraine to help it fend off Russia's assault, but the talks will be overshadowed by their failure to agree on a new sanctions package against Moscow.

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine, May 4: The European Union is expected to outline oil sanctions against Moscow on Wednesday as Russian forces pounded targets in eastern Ukraine, unleashing rockets on a steel plant that is the last redoubt for resistance in the port city of Mariupol.

KATHMANDU, June 18: Nepal received tranches of critical healthcare equipment and supplies generously supported by the Government of Denmark and the Government of Ireland to help Nepal fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The support was extended to Nepal under the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism.

BRUSSELS, June 15: U.S. President Joe Biden will seek to end one front in a Trump-era trade war when he meets European Union leaders on Tuesday by agreeing a truce in a transatlantic dispute over aircraft subsidies that has dragged on for 17 years.

KATHMANDU, June 8: Germany has provided 112 ventilators, 2,068,500 K95 masks, 29,000 pulse oximeters, 34,030,000 surgical masks, five isolation centre tents, 400 gumboots, 25,000 litres of  hand disinfectants and others items as a part of its support to Nepal to fight against COVID-19. The first part of the shipment arrived in Nepal on Tuesday.

BRUSSELS, May 20: The European Union took a step toward relaxing travel rules for tourists from outside the 27-nation bloc Wednesday when EU ambassadors agreed on measures to allow in fully vaccinated visitors.

Cyprus is getting protected status for its prized halloumi, giving its producers the sole right to sell the rubbery cheese in the European Union.

BRUSSELS, March 22: The European Union prepared to impose sanctions on 11 people linked to last month’s military coup in Myanmar on Monday as the number of killings of pro-democracy demonstrators by security forces reached what Germany’s foreign minister is called “an unbearable extent”.

BELJIUM, March 22: The European Union will on Monday imposed sanctions on 11 individuals linked to the Feb. 1 coup in Myanmar, the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said as he arrived for a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

LONDON, Dec 31: The United Kingdom exits the European Union’s orbit on Thursday, turning its back on a tempestuous 48-year liaison with the European project for an uncertain Brexit future that will shape the fortunes of its people for generations to come.

ROME, Dec 27: Doctors, nurses and the elderly rolled up their sleeves across the European Union to receive the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine Sunday in a symbolic show of unity and moment of hope for a continent confronting its worst health care crisis in a century.

BRUSSELS, Dec 24: Britain and the European Union appeared close to clinching a long-elusive trade agreement on Wednesday, raising hopes that they were now set to avoid a turbulent economic rupture on New Year’s Day.

BRUSSELS, Dec 11: European Union leaders reached a hard-fought deal Friday to cut the bloc’s net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by the end of the decade compared with 1990 levels, avoiding a hugely embarrassing deadlock ahead of a U.N. climate meeting this weekend.

LONDON/BRUSSELS, Sept 6:  Britain will not blink first in Brexit trade negotiations with the European Union and is not scared of a no-deal exit at the end of the year, the country’s top Brexit negotiator warned the bloc on Sunday.

KATHMANDU, Aug 11: In response to severe flooding that have affected South Asia—most notably Bangladesh, India and Nepal—the European Union has announced to provide €1.65 million in humanitarian aid funding.

BRUSSELS, July 19: European Union leaders on Saturday extended their summit by an extra day in the hope they were finally closing in on a deal for an unprecedented 1.85 trillion euro ($2.1 trillion) EU budget and coronavirus recovery fund.

BRUSSELS/CHICAGO, June 27: European Union countries failed to settle on Friday on a final “safe list” of countries whose residents could travel to the bloc from July, with the United States, Brazil and Russia set to be excluded.

KATHMANDU, April 27: The European Union (EU) has announced an aid package of Rs 9.8 billion (Euro 75 million) for Nepal to tackle the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and mitigate its impact. The support combines redirected existing commitments with new funds, granted in the form of budget support to allow the government direct and swift access to this financing, according to the EU Delegation to Nepal.

BRUSSELS, March 10: A European Union summit via computer. The EU parliament a virtual ghost village in a shortened session. The assembly’s president working from home, self-isolating due to coronavirus.

GENEVA, March 3: The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees on Tuesday urged European Union countries to give more resources and support to Greece as it faces a new wave of migrants and refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

KATHMANDU, Feb 27: EU-Nepal Trade and Investment Program (TIP) was launched in Kathmandu on Thursday.

BRUSSELS, Feb 21: Major contributors to the European Union’s budget blocked progress at an emergency summit on Friday, insisting that they would not stump up more funds for the bloc’s next long-term spending package, worth around one trillion euros ($1.1 trillion).

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ROME – Voter suppression first emerged in the United States between 1885 and 1908, when 11 southern states enacted laws designed to discourage or hinder former slaves and their descendants from voting. Since then, similar strategies have been tried in Canada, Australia, and Israel. And now, electoral discrimination may be coming to Europe, with several European Union member states exploring ways to block or discourage key constituents from voting.

LONDON, Dec 12: Voters go to the polls on Thursday in an election that will pave the way for Brexit under Prime Minister Boris Johnson or propel Britain towards another referendum that could ultimately reverse the decision to leave the European Union.

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KATHMANDU, Dec 11: The European Union in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is launching a project on Mainstreaming Migration into International Cooperation and Development (MMICD) this week. This initiative is part of a follow-up of the previous assessment that found there was a need for improved coherence between migration, sustainable development, education and rural development.