KATHMANDU, Aug 20: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has prepared to submit the probe report regarding the embezzlement of Lalita Niwas land in Baluwatar to the Office of District Government Attorney today.

The recent developments in the investigation of the notorious 'Fake Bhutanese Refugee Scam' in the country have ignited deep-seated concerns regarding the integrity of the entire process. The shocking directive issued by the District Government Attorney's Office, demanding the investigation's completion by Tuesday, despite the glaring involvement of influential individuals, has cast an ominous shadow of suspicion—a conspiracy seemingly crafted to shield the guilty from facing their rightful consequences.

KATHMANDU, May 15: After the District Government Attorney's Office, Kathmandu, instructed the police to complete the investigation into the fake Bhutanese refugee scam by Tuesday, the suspicion that it is a game to protect more 'high profile' people has increased. The Government Attorney's Office has directed the District Police Office, Kathmandu, to complete the investigation and submit a report with opinion within four days with effect from Saturday.