MAHENDRANAGAR (DHANUSHA), March 10: The 15-day historical Mithila Madhyamik Parikrama festival has started from Kouchari in Dhanusha from today.

JANAKPURDHAM, Jan 17: Discussions have been held to resolve the dispute over bridges on the bordering area with India in Dhanusha.

DHANUSHA, Dec 15: A six years old girl has been found murdered in Dhanusha district. She has been identified as Rakhi Yadav of Sabaila Municipality.

JANAKPURDHAM, Dec 7: A man's body has been found in a drain in Dhanusha. The dead body of Ram Shankar Rai, 35, of Sabala Municipality-9, Kushmaha was found on Wednesday evening.

KATHMANDU, Nov 4: The latest data shows that the number of people who go abroad for foreign employment is the highest in Dhanusha district. From the beginning of the current fiscal year (FY) 2023/24 till Ashoj (mid-September to mid-October), a total of 7,822 people went to work abroad from Dhanusha.

DHANUSHA, June 14: District Police Office, Dhanusha, has arrested a man in connection with the murder of a single woman in Dhanusha, whose body was found buried in a pit.

JANAKPUR, March 5: A motorcycle and a tractor collided in Dhanusha, resulting in the deaths of two individuals who were on the motorcycle.

JANAKPURDHAM,Jan 30: On Sunday night, six detainees broke the wall and escaped from the custody of Dhanusha Police at Mahendranagar, Dhanusha.

Husband arrested for murdering wife

December 12, 2022 15:56 pm

JANAKPURDHAM, Dec 12: A husband has been arrested on the charge of murdering his wife in Dhanusa.

Man beaten to death in Dhanusha

December 2, 2022 15:30 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 2: One person has died due to beating in Dhanusa.

DHANUSHA, Nov 25: CPN-UML candidate Juli Kumari Mahato has been elected as a member of the House of Representatives from Dhanusha-3.

DHANUSHA, Nov 25: Ramkrishna Yadav of Nepali Congress (NC) has been elected as a member of House of Representatives (HoR) from Dhanusha-2.

DHANUSHA, November 20: Voting came to a halt at the 'B' center of the Kamala Municipality-6 Billet Bauku Mavi Madan polling station in Dhanusa.

JANAKPURDHAM, Nov 13: The Nepal-India border along Dhanusha district will remain sealed off in view of the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives (HoR) and the Provincial Assembly (PA).

Two youths electrocuted in Dhanusha

October 25, 2022 10:25 am

JANAKPURDHAM, Oct 25: Two persons died of electrocution on Monday while fixing power supply for Tihar celebration in Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City in Dhanusha district.

JANAKPURDHAM, Oct 9: The ruling coalition has decided to field Anil Jha of the Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (LSP) as a member of the House of Representatives from Dhanusha-3.

JANAKPURDHAM, June 11: Seven out of 18 local level units of Dhanusha district are reported to be at high risk of monsoon-induced disaster.

DHANUSHA, June 9: Nepali Congress (NC) panel has been unanimously elected in Dhanusha District Coordination Committee (DCC). Rajnanda Mandal Raj was elected unopposed to the post of its chairperson.

12 injured in bus accident in Dhanusha

November 10, 2021 16:44 pm

DHANUSHA, Nov 10: A total of 12 people were injured when a passenger bus overturned and caught fire in Dhanusha district Wednesday morning.

LAHAN, Oct 9: A woman has committed suicide after killing her two sons in Dhanusha's Nagarain Municipality on Friday evening. According to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Jitendra Basnet, spokesperson for the District Police Office, Dhanusha, Gudiya Shah, 24, of Fulga in Nagarain Municipality-7 strangled her son Abhishek, five, and Aditya, three, with a rope, before hanging herself from a ceiling fan.

DHANUSHA, Sept 17: The High Court of Janakpur issued an order for the relocation of Sankatmochan Crusher Industry of Ganeshman Charthan Municipality-8 within the next three months on February 20, 2020. Despite the order, the crusher plant is still operational at the same location.

Dead bodies were found buried some 100 meters away from their house

KATHMANDU, June 11: Five little girls drowned in a pond in Dhanusha on Friday.

LAHAN, May 5: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Monday addressed the nation and said that he won't let anyone die without treatment. But a day after the address, a 45-year-old man, Lok Bahadur Pariyar of Bateshwor Rural Municipality-4 of Dhanusha died because he did not receive treatment.

DHANUSHA, May 27: A youth who recently arrived here from India has passed away at Jatahi check post in Dhanusha district at the Nepal-India border point.

DHANUSHA, March 13: Six people died after consuming homemade liquor in the district.

DHANUSHA, Jan 13: The State-2 government has decided to provide relief assistance of Rs 500 thousand to the family of Dilip Mahato. Mahato, a resident of Shreepur, Mithila municipality-5, is a campaign activist against the excessive sand and gravel mining in the riverbed and banks.

Rein in Crusher Mafias

January 12, 2020 07:35 am

The ‘murder’ of a 24-year-old activist in Dhanusha on Friday by ‘crusher mafia’ spells disaster for our federal republic. From Kathmandu to local levels, politicians and mafia have been looting state resources with impunity. The murder of Om Prakash (Dilip Kumar) Mahato is a manifestation of larger issues of deep-seated corruption within our system. Dilip was spearheading a campaign against illegal mining of sand and aggregate in and around a local river in his hometown. Life of a promising engineer is cut short, and with it, dreams of his loved ones shattered. That a young man could be murdered for fighting for a just cause tells a lot about the kind of state we envision for our future generations.

KATHMANDU, Dec 14: Police shared that the outlawed Nepal Communist Party (CPN)-led by Netra Bikram Chand has connection with a recent bomb blast at Mahendranagar in Dhanusha district.

Hijacked tanker found empty in Dhanusha

November 20, 2019 12:40 pm

LAHAN, Nov 20: The diesel tanker which was hijacked on Tuesday was found empty in Dhanusha on Wednesday morning. Police have recovered the tanker (Na 4a Kha 4163) from Ramdaiya of Kshireshwornath municipality-1.

DHANUSA, Oct 27: The fuel stations in Dhanusa have shut down their service demanding justice for Manoj Shah, who was shot dead in Janakpurdham Sub-metropolitan City on Wednesday.

Electrocution kills 3 in Dhanusha

September 25, 2019 11:20 am

LAHAN, Sept 25: Three persons were electrocuted in Ganeshman Charnath municipality-7, Portaha of Dhanusha due to short-circuiting of electric wires in a hotel.

JANAKPUR, Sept 18: Both the mayor and deputy mayor of Hansapur Municipality in Dhanusha district are absconding after lodging murder cases against each other over the death of a local man during a brawl over the choice of municipality headquarters.

DHANUSHA, Aug 12: Police have arrested five people for their alleged involvement in leaking the question papers.

Janakpur submerged in water

July 12, 2019 16:20 pm

DHANUSHA, July 12: Large parts of Janakpur sub metropolis in Dhanusha have been inundated following incessant rain since Wednesday night. Most of the road areas, government offices and private houses sitting on relatively low lands have been left under water.

JANAKPUR, July 4: After a series of syringe attacks that recently took place in Kathmandu went viral on social media, a similar kind of incident has taken place in Dhanusha district.

Child labor rampant in Dhanusha

June 3, 2019 10:48 am

DHANUSHA, June 3: Dhanusha has become a growing hub for the ill practice of child labor. Of late, the number of child workers has been growing everywhere - from tea shops to eateries. Although the practice of child labor is an offense punishable by the law as per the constitution of 2015, the astonishing reality is that the practice is carried out in many parts of the country.

DHANUSHA, May 9: Police have been unable to find any substantial evidence to narrow down the murder case of Aryan Sah, two days after he went missing. The two-and-a-half-year-old son of Sambhu Sah of Mithila Rural Municipality-6, who went missing on Monday, was found dead the next day.

DHANUSHA, April 28: Strong winds along with heavy rainfall damaged properties worth millions in Dhanusha on Sunday morning.

DHANUSHA, April 20: State 2 government has initiated a process to make state-level appointments on the posts lying vacant at the ministries and local levels.

SIRAHA, March 6: The banks of Kamala River attract locals of Dhanusha and Siraha districts for picnics and outings. During holidays, such crowds are seen on the banks of the river in summer as well as winter. They, however, express concern that the landscape they are enjoying won’t be the same in the near future unless rampant excavation of Chure comes to an end.

KATHMANDU, Jan 30: On Friday evening, six members of wedding party traveling from Dhanusha to Sindhuli were electrocuted when the bus they were traveling in touched a low-hanging high-voltage electric cable.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: The government is to provide Rs 500,000 each to the family of those who died in a bus accident in Dhanusha. Six persons were electrocuted on Friday when the bus carrying members of a marriage party came in contact with live wire of 11,000 voltage at Sabaila municipality-4.

DHANUSHA, Jan 27: After performing the postmortems, police on Saturday handed over the bodies of six wedding party attendants who were electrocuted when the bus they were traveling in touched a low-hanging high-voltage electric cable a day before. The tragic incident had taken place at Baltiya of Sabaila Municipality-4 of Dhanusha on Friday evening.

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has expressed its sadness over the losses of valuable lives in the Friday tragedy in which a bus carrying members of a wedding party touched a live electric wire at Kothiya Baltiya of Sabaila municipality-4, Dhanusha.

JANAKPURDHAM, Jan 13: Ashok Kumar Chaudhary has been elected as President of Contractor Association of Dhanusha.

KATHMANDU, Dec 28: The Government of Japan has pledged to provide Rs 9.5 million in assistance to build the classrooms of Basudev Das Rastriya Basic School at Lagma in Nagarain Municipality, Dhanusha.

One teacher for whole school

December 20, 2018 10:35 am

DHANUSHA, Dec 20: It might be hard for some to believe that a single teacher has been managing to teach students of five different classes in a single classroom. Saraswati Primary School (SPS) of Sabaila Municipality-10 in Dhanusha district runs classes from grades one to five. There are altogether 92 students in the whole school and a single teacher teaches all of them.

Two held with illegal narcotics

December 5, 2018 17:58 pm

DHANUSHA, Dec 5: An Armed Police Force (APF) arrested two people with illegal drugs nitrovets from Jahati of Nagarain Municipality-2 in the district.

SIRAHA, Dec 3: Nanu Dahal has frequented Bandipur of Siraha several times in her life. But it was never easy as it nowadays for the local of Mainbatti of Dhanusha district. She had to walk for hours to reach the destination and return home. However, nowadays only an is enough for the trip, thanks to a new suspension bridge and a newly trekking route.