DHADING, Oct 15:  Seshkanta Foundation has established a technical and vocational school in Dhadhing in cooperation with a German NGO.

15 injured in Dhading jeep accident

September 1, 2019 15:42 pm

Dhading, Sept 1: Fifteen people were injured when a Bolero jeep met with an accident in Dhading district on Sunday morning.

DHADING, Sep 1: The farmers of Ruby Valley Rural Municipality located in the northern area of the district are reliant on yak farming for several generations. However, in a lack of livestock insurance, they are prone to suffer heavy losses from time to time.

DHADING, Aug 29: Festivals are nearing, market price is skyrocketing, and the price of daily consumable goods is troubling consumers.

DHADING, Aug 8: An Indian national has died after being hit by a truck in Dhading.

DHADING, Aug 3: Emergency service for pregnant women is essential for safe motherhood. However, expecting mothers in most of the rural areas of the country continue to suffer in lack of medical interventions. In a bid to address this problem, Ganga Jamuna Rural Municipality in Dhading has started running ‘labor room’ in all the health centers of this remote place.

Tea farming starts in Dhading

July 25, 2019 08:04 am

DHADING, July 25: Commercial tea farming has begun in Dhading district for the first time. Local farmers have started cultivating tea in Ward 9 of Nilkantha Rural Municipality.

Dhading, July 22: Twelve persons were injured in a road accident in Dhading on Monday morning.

Prithvi Highway obstructed

July 12, 2019 15:05 pm

DHADING, July 12: The Prithvi Highway has been obstructed due to the landslide triggered by incessant rainfall since last night.

DHADING, July 11: Police have arrested a person with eight sacks of marijuana from Gajuri rural municipality-2 in Dhading district today.

DHADING, July 1: Two persons died while 25 others were injured in a collision between a bus and two microvans at Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality-7 of Dhading, along the Prithvi Highway on Sunday.

DHADING, June 28: On June 23, Kali Mijar, 34, a member of Dhunibesi Municipality committed suicide by consuming a chemical fertilizer. Police are still investigating to find out the reason behind her suicide.

DHADING, June 26: Dhading's five local units have failed to present their budgets even as the deadline to do expired on Tuesday.

DHADING, June 21:  Five killed and ten injured when a jeep met with an accident in Dhading.

DHADING, June 21:  Five killed and ten injured when a jeep met with an accident in Dhading.

DHADING, June 21: Though almost all Hindu temples in Nepal allow the entrance of all devotees regardless of their age or gender, there is a temple in Dhading where women are barred from entering.

DHADING, June 21: Eleven medics including doctors hired on contract at the Dhading District Hospital do not remember the last time they collected their salaries. In fact they have been working without pay for the past 11 months.

DHADING, June 11: Ten years have gone by since the government announced to construct a permanent dumping site at Bancharedanda for managing the solid waste generated in Kathmandu. But the dumping site has not been constructed yet in Bancharedanda borders, Dhading and Nuwakot districts.

DHADING, May 27: In order to contain dengue infection, Dhading is preparing to launch many campaigns in the district. Nilkantha Municipality has initiated a campaign in coordination with the Health Service Department, the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division as well as local communities to fight dengue infection.

DHADING, May 23: A committee has been formed to investigate into the unlawful activities being conducted in Dhading District Jail. A meeting of the officials of the District Administration Office in Dhading Besi on Wednesday formed a three-member investigative team under the coordination of Assistant Chief District Officer Arjun Kumar Sharma Guragain.

DHADING/ BAITADI, May 20: A total of 12 people were killed in two different accidents that occurred in Dhading and Baitadi districts on Sunday.

DHADING, May 19: The death toll in Trishuli bus plunge has climbed to eight.

DHADING, May 19: The death toll in Trishuli bus plunge has climbed to six.

KATHMANDU, May 17: An aftershock of Gorkha earthquake jolted Dhadhing and its adjoining districts on Friday afternoon.

DHADING, April 22: Ram Sharan Tripathi of Siddhalek Rural Municipality Ward-4 in Dhading has been involved in farming for the past 25 years. Farmers like him had to wait for their turn to use oxen for plowing as there were limited number of oxen in the village. He has now bought a mini tiller which has made things lot easier for him.

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DHADING, April 17: District Police Office (DPO), Dhading, has seized 30 country-made guns from the northern parts of the district over a period of ten days.

KATHMANDU, March 30: Police, on Thursday noon, raided a hashish factory in Gajuri Rural Municipality-4 of Dhading and seized 110 kilograms of hashish and 532 kilograms of marijuana dust, which is used to produce hashish.

KATHMANDU, March 23: Police, on Friday morning, arrested one Indian national from Dhading on the charge of smuggling 164 kilograms of hashish from Kathmandu to India using a truck with Indian number plate.

164-kg hashish confiscated

March 22, 2019 10:19 am

DHADING, March 22: Police confiscated 164 kilograms of hashish while undertaking security screening along the Prithvi Highway.

DHADING, March 15: Residents of two local units of Dhading district are at odds over an access road being built by a cement factory.

DHADING, March 2: Chepangs in Goirang village of Dhading have never experienced how it feels like using electricity. Sometimes, they cannot even light their lamps when they have no oil in stock. A community school in one such village has received computers. Chepang kids have now seen computers, but have not learnt to use them.

GORKHA, Feb 25: Locals of Gorkha and Dhading districts have raised concerns once again against the snail-pace progress of Budhigandaki Hydropower Project.

DHADING, Feb 12: Priskala Tamang of Khaniyabas Rural Municipality-2 is very happy after her village recently got connected with the road network. Previously, the small settlement in the north of Dhading district was totally dependent on mules to transport essentials like food and construction materials.

Three held with pistol in Dhading

February 6, 2019 08:57 am

DHADING, Feb 6: District Police Office (DPO), Dhading on Tuesday arrested three individuals from Gangajamuna Rural Municipality-5 on charge of possessing pistol.

DHADING, Jan 29: Locals in some of the villages in Dhading have been seeing electricity poles scattered along the roadsides for a long time. However, these villagers are bound to live in darkness as there is no power in many of the villages.

DHADING, Jan 28: Two persons have gone missing on Sunday after being buried by a landslide triggered by heavy snowfall in Rubi Valley Rural Municipality-4.

Dandi Biyo Championship in Dhading

January 21, 2019 18:41 pm

DHADING, Jan 21: School-level Dandi Biyo championship is going to be organised for the first time in Dhading.

DHADING, Jan 15: Rudra Bahadur Khatry has been elected the chair of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Dhading Chapter for next tenure of three years.

DHADING, Jan 13: One person killed and another was injured in a bus accident in Dhading on Sunday morning.

DHADING, Dec 25: When asked what she wants to become in the future, Setimaya Chepang, 10, replies, “Teacher”, adding that she wants to be a teacher and educate small children like her.

DHADING, Dec 10: Four years ago, while she was working as a maid in Kuwait, Tuk Maya Tamang of Sallebhanjyang village used to think that her life would never take any new course. She was not happy with her life but 'there was nothing much she could do'. She thought her life would not be better if she returned home. However, one day she returned home. After staying home for some time, she was not sure if she wanted to fly to Kuwait again. After remaining in dilemma for some time she finally decided to give a try to her skills and passion eight months ago. The 24-year-old, who loved rearing cattle, bought some goats and chicken. Thanks to her love and dedication, her poultry farm soon came to a form. The number of goats multiplied, too.

DHADING, Dec 4: Devaki Pandit of Siddhilek Rural Municipality hardly sleeps at night remembering her son who disappeared in Malaysia about a decade ago.

DHADING, Dec 3: Devaki Pandit of Siddhilek Rural Municipality hardly sleeps at night remembering her son who disappeared in Malaysia about a decade ago. Her son Damodar had gobe abroad promising her to bring home money and happiness.

NC treasurers to meet in Dhading

November 25, 2018 09:29 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 25: The national assembly of the district treasurers of the main opposition Nepali Congress party is to be held in Gajuri of Dhading.

DHADING, Nov 19: Shuvamaya Tamang of Benighat Rural Municipality-1, Jarung, has six children but only one stays with her. One of her sons is abroad while others are in Kathmandu for their studies and jobs.

DHADING, Nov 4: Dhading women have bought a honking four-wheeler, ending the long-standing woes to carry expecting women and ailing locals on their backs to the clinics and hospitals.

DHADING, Nov 12: A Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) bullet crushed a mother and a daughter to death in Benighat Rorang Municipality-5, of Dhading on Sunday.

DHADING, Nov 12: The dead body of an HIV-infected woman who committed suicide remained untouched in the postmortem hall of the District Hospital, Dhading for two days as doctors feared examining it.

DHADING, Nov 11: Two pedestrians were killed when a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) bullet met an accident at Benighat in Dhading district along the Prithvi Highway on Sunday.