KATHMANDU, August 14: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has said the inoculation of the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine after a long interval of the first dose would still be effective.

LALITPUR, June 23: Lalitpur Metropolitan City is administering the second dose of Covishield to 2,500 people starting Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, June 22: Lalitpur Metropolitan City is to vaccinate 2,500 people with the second dose of the covishield vaccine on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, April 20: While the Nepal government is administering the second dose of Covishield vaccine to those who had received its first dose earlier from today, news of re-infection of COVID-19 is being reported regularly.

NEPALGUNJ, April 17: Six health workers of Bheri Hospital, who had earlier received COVID-19 vaccine, have tested positive for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

KATHMANDU, March 30: The Indian Army on Tuesday gifted 100,000 doses of Covishield vaccine to the Nepali Army.

KATHMANDU, Feb 17: The Covishield vaccine currently being used in Nepal has been approved by the World Health organization (WHO).

The vaccine will be administered to people above 55 years of age

Though the government had planned to vaccinate at least 430,000 frontline workers, only 184,857 people chose to get the shot

KATHMANDU, Feb 8: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has rolled out the second phase of vaccination drive against COVID-19 from today.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: Altogether 28,732 frontline workers have received a shot of ‘Covishield’ across 77 districts in the country on the second day of the mass vaccination program against COVID-19 that was launched by the government on Wednesday.

Almost 10,000 frontline workers got a shot of the vaccine on the first day of the campaign

In the first phase, each of the around 450,000 frontline workers will get two doses of ‘Covishield’ vaccines

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: The government is launching a vaccination drive against COVID-19 from Wednesday, Jan 27.

India has decided to provide a limited amount of ‘Covishield’ for free within a week, according to Indian media outlets

KATHMANDU, Jan 15: Nepal has granted a conditional emergency approval for Covishield, the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca Plc and the University of Oxford, and manufactured by the Pune-based Serum Institute of India, the first step in its plan to inoculate citizens in the country.