What most leaders seem to struggle with is, though they know the traits of great leadership, they are unable to attain them. How can leaders consistently grow to balance their IQ and EQ? How to redress the emotional impulses within and choose constructive behaviors?

The Caged Free Bird

November 27, 2018 09:18 am

Oh! Poor, Oh! A caged little nestling Spreading his wings: the joy of freedom he surmises Of the gospel he is unaware, on isolation he cling  Wisely wizard withdrew him, wily unwise

Crafts with a conscience

June 1, 2018 09:59 am

In the recent years, the handicraft industry has really been thriving in Nepal and handicrafts are not just limited to ancient metal works and paintings anymore either. From in-vogue chic statement jewelry to really cool decorative and clothing items, our handicraft industry can deliver everything you could ever want. From a store that sells unique junk jewelry to an organization that aims to empower women through the clothes they make, this week we have profiled three such companies that are giving us some pretty good reasons to shop.

Crafts with conscience

December 8, 2017 08:14 am

In July 2006, SAARC Chamber Craft Village (SCCV) established its first retail outlet in Kathmandu to create a sustainable trade network between South Asian women entrepreneurs. The major motive behind the opening of the store was to provide women a platform to display their skills and furthermore to uplift their economic conditions regardless of their religion and nationality. “We take goods from various producers and promote them under a single brand name. We now have goods from more than sixty different owners in our shop,” says Jyoti S. Tuladhar, CEO of SAARC Chamber Craft Village.

One of the major social problems in Nepal is domestic violence. The main reasons for domestic violence are the use of alcohol and drugs. Intoxicants as such distort our feelings, conscience and activities. They make our nerves weaker, resulting in diseases like high blood pressure and tuberculosis. Substance abuse also results in family conflict and animosity among friends. To prevent this, guardians should be psychologically attentive towards their kids from an early age.

Crafts with a conscience

July 29, 2016 03:25 am

Sarala Khadgi, 53, has been making Nepali handicrafts since the 1990s. A member of the Association for Craft Producers (ACP), she has been working in the production division for years now. ACP is a local, not for profit, fair trade organization providing design, marketing, management, and technical services to low-income Nepalis craft producers. ACP is a resource to advance and globally distribute their work, for which they receive fair wages and generous benefits.