KARNALI, Oct 1: With the rise in the temperature in mountainous regions due to climate change, dengue cases have been detected.

KATHMANDU, Sept 19: As Nepal is extremely vulnerable to climate change, the country is going to conduct a national survey this year to account for the overall impact of climate change.

One of the most vulnerable countries in terms of climate change in the world, Nepal warrants a great deal of attention in managing vulnerabilities and to ensure the development goals are sufficiently resilient to withstand environmental shocks that the future may bring.

KATHMANDU, Sept 7: Minister for Forests and Environment, Pradeep Yadav has said that his ministry is committed to addressing the climate change problems.

KATHMANDU, August 31: Experts have said that the concessional loan agreement signed between the World Bank and Nepal on Monday for the purpose of getting assistance to avoid and adapt to climate-related disasters is not in accordance with the international norms on climate finance and the stance that Nepal has been is taking at international forums. In the field of climate-sustainability and adaptation, their argument is that it is completely wrong to take a loan as the financial assistance given to an underdeveloped and at-risk country like Nepal should be in the form of grants.

Not a single meeting of the National Council on Environment Protection and Climate Change Management has not been since it was formed three years ago

Climate change is affecting every inhabited region across the globe. There has been rapid warming of the climate as a result of human activity over the last 2000 years. The most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change are the least developed countries, like Nepal. It has become increasingly difficult for communities because of unpredictable and extreme weather events, especially those that are already vulnerable to climate stresses.

ATHENS/LONDON, July 21: Emergency services battled wildfires across swathes of southern Europe amid mass evacuations on Wednesday, as warnings sounded in London after Britain's hottest day that the fight against climate change needed to be stepped up.

KATHMANDU, June 1: Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) has initiated a campaign “Eliminating single-use plastics from hotel rooms” to promote eco-friendly products for green hospitality in the hotel industry.

KATHMANDU, May 3: Political parties taking part in the upcoming local level elections slated for May 13 and their candidates have incorporated various issues of public concern in their election manifestos.

KATHMANDU, March 27: Photojournalist Monika Malla has been awarded in the photo competition organized by UN Women on climate change and its impact on women. She was able to secure the second position in the competition.

KATHMANDU, March 18: Nepal has drawn attention of the international community stating that there was a serious impact on people's livelihood due to increased dryness in the rivers and snow melting as the result of rise in temperature.

KATHMANDU, March 14: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Pampha Bhusal has said that recent developments are increasing the risks of climate change.

‘Women in the Himalayan region are still going through the ups and downs of inequality and discrimination. Illiteracy and health problems make life really, really difficult for women in the region.’

SOLUKHUMBU, March 9: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the government has kept the climate change impacts reduction policy in its priority.

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Women in leadership roles in various walks of life are trekking to the Base Camp of Mt Everest to call global attention to the adverse impact of climate change.

KATHMANDU, Jan 12: Experts have shown concerns over the increase of microplastics in the snow and water sources in the Himalayan regions of the country due to an influx in climbers and trekkers heading toward the mountains and other factors, which help to increase the impact of climate change.

BRUSSELS, Jan 11: Last year was the world's fifth hottest on record, while levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere hit new highs in 2021, European Union scientists said.

KATHMANDU, Jan 1: A report on a study on climate change has made public the fact that the area and volume of glaciers in the Himalayan region are declining. The study report conducted by Transparency International (TI) Nepal in collaboration with ICIMOD and other organizations was made public in the capital on Friday.

Plastic pollution has touched every aspect of life on earth and has become a problem of the century along with climate change and biodiversity loss. Despite a large number of researches showing the impacts of plastic on marine life and also the amount of plastic humans consume due to contamination of food, the production and use/consumption of plastic largely remains unregulated.

Climate Change Effect on Health

December 22, 2021 06:30 am

Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 thousand deaths per year from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and heat stress.

Climate change is a battle that Nepal is losing. There are studies that suggest that the recent fluctuations in monsoon, devastating landslides, and adverse weathers have been triggered tremendously by climate change. There are also predictions that the ongoing winter may be even more extreme and harsh, and much like most crises, it will disproportionately affect the underprivileged.

We once studied global warming and climate change as chapters in our school books, but sooner than we imagined, this has turned into a reality.  Nepal is a Himalayan country and the Himalayas are the most sensitive region to climate change, which makes us Nepalis extremely susceptible to catastrophes of climate change.

GLASGOW, Scotland, Nov 15: While world leaders and negotiators are hailing the Glasgow climate pact as a good compromise that keeps a key temperature limit alive, many scientists are wondering what planet these leaders are looking at.

GLASGOW, Nov 12: China and Saudi Arabia are among a group of countries seeking to prevent the UN climate deal in Scotland from including language that opposes fossil fuel subsidies, according to two sources close to the negotiations.

JAKARTA, Nov 11: From the southern border of Germany to the highest peaks in Africa, glaciers around the world have served as moneymaking tourist attractions, natural climate records for scientists and beacons of beliefs for indigenous groups.

KATHMANDU, Nov 9: A new report ‘When the climate becomes a threat: Evidence of Climate Change induced Loss and Damage in Nepal’ by Dan Church Aid (DCA) was launched on 8 November at the COP 26. The report was launched in the presence of Minister Ramsahay Prasad Yadav, Ministry of Forests and Environment. The report assesses the situation in three municipalities in Nepal.

GLASGOW, Nov 8: Governments will push for agreement on Monday on how to help vulnerable countries deal with global warming and compensate them for damage already done, a test of whether developing and rich nations can end a standoff over cash for climate change.

Climate Change Scenario of Nepal

October 28, 2021 07:00 am

In Nepal, the majority of people affected by climate change are women who are disproportionality at risk, whether from floods, in which more women drown than men or through working in agriculture, where women carry out most of the additional labor required to cope with the lack of water and the new diseases that climate change will bring.

KATHMANDU, Oct 25: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma and British Ambassador to Nepal, Nicola Pollitt, have discussed issues including climate change.

KATHMANDU, Oct 20: Even after the end of the rainy season, the incidence of floods and inundation has increased across the country due to heavy rains in the last few days. Experts say that this type of unseasonal rainfall may be due to climate change. People's lives have been affected by the disasters caused by the change in the traditional patterns of monsoon and climate.

Protecting Health from Climate Change

September 25, 2021 06:30 am

Climate change affects the social and environmental determinants of health- clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food and secure shelter. Diseases like respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, water–borne diseases, infectious diseases, mental health problems and premature death are the effects of climate change. There is strong evidence suggesting that climate change can affect health.

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 23: Faced with what they see as an existential threat, leaders from low-lying and island nations implored rich countries at the United Nations General Assembly this week to act more forcefully against a warming planet.

BARCELONA, Spain, Sept 14: Climate change could push more than 200 million people to leave their homes in the next three decades and create migration hot spots unless urgent action is taken to reduce global emissions and bridge the development gap, a World Bank report has found.

KATHMANDU, September 6: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal has said that it is becoming difficult to tackle the impact of climate change. Stating that climate change has taken place due to greenhouse gas emissions from the activities of industrialized countries, she said that climate change has had a negative impact on countries like Nepal.

Greece, August 14: Residents of the Greek seaside village of Rovies mourn a lost paradise of pristine pine forests and family homes, scorched by wildfires that burned for nine days.

GENEVA, August 11: The U.N.-appointed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a new report Monday summarizing the latest authoritative scientific information about global warming. Here are five important takeaways.

There has been a paradigm shift in the understanding of disaster risks, exposures, vulnerabilities, and their management. Disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness, and mitigation are getting more attention than the traditional rescue, relief, and rehabilitation with the former one the cost-effective and efficient measures to save lives and properties in the aftermath of a disaster.

Two upcoming key global summits should be adequately prepared with a strong inclusive public engagement at home and smart diplomacy around the world.

Nepal, although it contributes very little to global warming, is highly affected by global climate change. In Nepal, the major effect of climate change was reported in the mountain ecosystem and freshwater ecosystems.Introduction

SEOUL, April 18: The United States and China, the world’s two biggest carbon polluters, agreed to cooperate to curb climate change with urgency, just days before President Joe Biden hosts a virtual summit of world leaders to discuss the issue.

WASHINGTON, March 4: The world’s hopes for curbing climate change hinge on action by two giant nations whose relations are deteriorating: China and the United States. The two countries both say they are intent on retooling their economies to burn less climate-wrecking coal, oil and gas. But tensions between them threaten their ultimate success.

KATHMANDU, Feb 27: The fourth Nepal-Bangladesh Youth Conference is set to kick off in the capital on Saturday. The event was earlier deferred due to COVID-19 pandemic.

KATHMANDU, Feb 18: The 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) president-designate Alok Sharma, who is currently visiting Nepal, held a meeting with President Bidya Devi Bhandari at the latter's office on Thursday afternoon.

WASHINGTON, Jan 28: President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed a new raft of executive actions to combat climate change, including pausing new oil and gas leases on federal land and cutting fossil fuel subsidies, as he pursues green policies he billed as a boon for job creation.

AMSTERDAM, Jan 25: The United States will mark its return to the global fight against climate change on Monday by joining high level talks on ways to better protect people and economies from the effects of global warming already taking place.

USA, Jan 12: The world’s vital insect kingdom is undergoing “death by a thousand cuts,” the world’s top bug experts said.

We can expect Joe Biden to play a leading role to unite countries for combating climate change effects more effectively.

KATHMANDU, Dec 18: More than 62 million South Asian people will be forced to migrate from their homes due to climate disasters by 2050, a new study said on Friday.

Climate cliff hanger

December 18, 2020 08:00 am

Why we need sustainable action to tackle the climate crisis and speed the green recovery from COVID-19.