Human Rights Watch and Advocacy Forum say that failure to prosecute those responsible for conflict-era crimes is enabling fresh abuses in Nepal

ROLPA, May 9: It’s already been almost 14 years since the then Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and Nepal government signed the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) in 2006, ending a decade-long war and starting the peace process. The peace process is said to have been concluded. However, the vestiges of the war, which was fought for more than a decade, have been troubling the people of Rolpa time and again.

KATHMANDU, Nov 21: Victims of decade-long armed conflict have staged a demonstration in the capital on Thursday.

Waiting for justice

November 21, 2019 08:41 am

Thirteen years after signing of CPA, justice eludes the conflict victims

The Constitution of Nepal—like other constitutions of the world—will also evolve over the time

DOTI, Nov 23: Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Bir Bahadur Balayar has said that the comprehensive peace accord (CPA) failed to get completed due to CPN (Maoist Center) even a decade after its agreement.

DOTI, Nov 23: Bir Bahadur Balayar accused CPN-Maoist chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal for being unfaithful towards the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) that was signed 11 years ago. Balayar is the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation and Central Committee member of the Nepali Congress (NC),

KATHMANDU, Nov 21: The signing of the historic Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA), which  promised conflict victims  expeditious  justice through transitional justice mechanisms within six months, marked 11 years on Tuesday. But the victims of the decade-long Maoist armed insurrection still await satisfaction.

Ten years on, CPA promises largely unmet

November 21, 2016 07:56 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 21: While Monday marks the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) between the government and  then rebel CPN (Maoist), many promises and commitments made in that historic deal remain either only partially fulfilled or altogether unaddressed.

For Madhesis, CPA promises not kept

November 21, 2016 07:56 am

JANAKPUR, Nov 20: When the nation moved towards peace exactly 10 years ago this day, citizens across the nation welcomed the prospect of peace and prosperity. All the suppressed and marginalized groups believed that the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) signed between the rebels and major political forces would take the nation on a progressive path.