An intense yet calming watch

January 24, 2020 12:40 pm

After I watched Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring and finally sat down to write the review, I paused for a while. The message I received from it was so simple yet profound that I couldn’t find the words to describe it. But here I’m letting you know beforehand that the film was successful in inducing a pure sense of calm in me that I didn’t know was possible through a film.

LUMBINI, Nov 14: The second International Tripitaka chanting ceremony has kicked off in Lumbini, the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, on Thursday.

MYANMAR, Oct 19: Sitagu International Buddhist Academy (SIBA) in Yangon handed Nepal 30 metal idols of the Buddha.

Rebranding Lumbini

September 3, 2019 01:00 am

Apart from saying ‘Buddha was born in Nepal’ how many worthful initiatives have we taken to promote the birthplace of Gautam Buddha?

KATHMANDU, June 10: Centenary personality Satya Mohan Joshi on Sunday felicitated Rimpoche Shreedhar Rana, a renowned preacher of Buddhism, amid a function organized by Amrit Prithvi Abhinashi Guthi at Nepal Academy in Kathmandu.

Campaign for Buddhist tourism

May 15, 2019 01:30 am

Buddha’s legacy has been monopolized by India. Nepal needs to reclaim the Buddha and his legacy as a fundamental part of nation’s identity and narrative. Our history is inseparable from Buddhism

Branding Buddha’s birthplace

May 8, 2019 01:30 am

Buddhist tourism can appeal to a large number of faith-inspired travelers. Branding Nepal as Buddha’s birthplace would help to counter the persisting misinformation that Buddha was born in India

KATHMANDU, Nov 4: South China Sea Buddhism Shenzhen Roundtable 2018 was held in Shenzhen of China, Thursday, with the theme of “Welcoming the contributions of all parties and building a common future.”

Buddhism studies in Nepal

September 5, 2018 02:30 am

KATHMANDU, Sept 5: Lumbini College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies (LCBHS) is all set to enroll students for Master's Degree in Buddhism, arguably for the first time in Nepal.