Shova’s book is a collection of 25 medium-sized stories. The stories keep readers engaged, draw them into another world, and make them imaginative. The language of these stories gives the impression that some of the characters in the story are ‘me’; it is fluent.

As the storyteller Gyawali mentions in 'Kathako Katha’, the preface of her collection of stories, 'Sampurna Aakash' brings to the readers 25 of her stories published in Nagarik daily and Parivar monthly magazine.

One may not agree to the writer’s points of view when it comes to her analysis and interpretation of events and ideas, but what is important for the reader is to carve his or her own narrative by reading the experience of a political insider.

Anatomy of Facial Melanoses

July 17, 2021 15:05 pm

This is an extremely informative, well written yet concise book with all descriptors of a disease including introduction, clinical description, histopathological features, prognosis and treatment. The clinical photographs, Woods lamp photographs, dermoscopic features photographs are of very good quality and are tagged with easily recognizable symbols.

The gist of the book is that Nepal should embrace the green economy development model to benefit from its vast forests, beautiful landscapes, and water resources.

Sanghiyata ko artha rajniti (political economy of federalism) is a book penned by Binod Neupane. The second edition of the book authored by Neupane, who is well-versed on models of federalism, decentralization and local development, hit the stands in August, 2020. The book primarily focuses on what challenges Nepal's federalism is currently facing and what measures should be taken to overcome them.

The great China had been sinking In the murky pit of gloom. Burnt in hookahs many a things: Hashish, hemp and opium. These are the opening lines of the epic Lu Xun, originally composed in Nepali language by the well-known poet Rambabu Subedi, and later translated into English by Mahesh Poudel. Subedi is a poet.

I was fascinated to read about human resource management in Bhutan and the hydropower project examples provided there. Information on Nepal Civil Service and the associated HRM problems are also rich. Similarly, the book provides insights into economy, politics, culture, and I found this to be motivating for young readers.

In his school, his teachers from Darjeeling made an indelible mark in his young mind, that English was the superior language among all languages.  The writer was deeply influenced by the thought of his teacher and he worked hard to improve his English.

The basic flow of the story goes from introducing the topic and exploring the extent of modernism through a philosophical view. Ancient art is analyzed and compared to as regards to modern art and different connections are brought forth. Art primarily is a form of expression of one and their surroundings as well as of themselves. Culture plays a major role in the environment of societies which Bajracharya has described to have been made a clear vision and revelation through the expression of art. There is a description of art institutions and their changes with a new look at art being introduced to the academic sector of art.