KATHMANDU, August 1: The pressure of patients coming with the coronavirus infection has increased in Bharatpur Hospital. As the number of corona infections continues to increase in the district, so is the number of people coming to the hospital for treatment.

DHADING, Aug 25: A COVID-19 patient undergoing treatment at the Chitwan-based Bharatpur Hospital escaped from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

CHITWAN, Feb 2: The Chitwan-based Bharatpur Hospital has allocated a separate space for purchasing tickets and health examination for the patients visiting with common cold and fever.

CHITWAN, Jan 24: Bharatpur Hospital has been providing service to the patients of 14 districts under its health insurance programme. The Health Insurance Programme had come to effect in the district since 15 August 2017.

CHITWAN, Aug 25: When forests were cleared in Chitwan some 64 years ago to develop human settlements, the locals had allocated more than 30 bigaha for a Bharatpur hospital. The land was subsequently registered in the hospital's name with a view to establishing the facility in the near future.

KATHMANDU, May 25: According to the latest research conducted on women's reproductive health, the cases of Caesarean section (C-section) delivery in Nepal are on the rise. As per the medical records, Bharatpur Hospital of Province 3 was found to have performed the highest number of C-sections in pregnant women. Of the 9,282 institutional births, 3,426 (37 per cent) had taken place through C-sections in fiscal year 2075/76.

CHITWAN, April 9: Bharatpur Hospital of Chitwan, which has been a prime destination for patients in the central region, has been attracting even more service seekers after being upgraded to super specialty hospital last month.