Glass Bridge to be built in Bandipur

March 18, 2023 14:03 pm

BANDIPUR, March 18: A private company is mulling a plan to build a unique Glass Bridge in Bandipur, a hilltop settlement in Tanahun district, in a bid to promote tourism in Bandipur.

DAMAULI, Jan 15: The entire Bandipur village in Tanahun district has been wallowing in sorrow after losing six people from the same village to a road accident on Friday evening.

Leopard terror in Bandipur

November 20, 2021 12:30 pm

TANAHUN, Nov 20: Leopard terror has increased in and around Bandipur in the last few days. According to the local residents, leopards were seen at different places in Bandipur in the evening.

KATHMANDU, Sept 29: For a sizable section of international tourists, Nepal is one of the top travel destinations. They come to enjoy views of the majestic Himalayas, the cultural diversity and adventure tourism that the country has to offer. However, the arrival of foreign tourists has come to a halt following the COVID-19 pandemic.

TANAHUN, August 14: The construction of the Manimukundeshwari Wall, also known as the ‘mini great wall’, in Bandipur Rural Municipality of Tanahun district is currently underway. The 1,400 meters long mini great wall project is funded by the rural municipality. The attraction has become a new tourist hotspot in the region.

POKHARA, July 1: Two persons lost their lives in Tanahun after a house collapsed following a landslide caused by continuous rainfall in the region on Wednesday night. The natural disaster has blocked the Prithvi Highway and has destroyed houses and crops at various places as well.

TANAHU, Jan 4: The construction work of cable car in Bandipur of Tanahu district has been half completed. The project has completed 50 percent of construction work, according to the project officials. The foundation stone of the project was laid by the chief minister of Gandaki Province, Prithvi Subba Gurung on July 20, 2019.

Three die in separate accidents

March 11, 2020 15:16 pm

Tanahun, March 11: Two persons were killed when a tractor skidded off the road and fell some 150 meters at Korikha of Bandipur rural municipality-5 in Tanahun district today morning, said the police.

DAMAULI, Jan 27: In a bid to further promote the tourism of Bandipur, the construction of a trekking trail along with a wall resembling the Great Wall of China has been initiated at Bandipur Rural Municipality in Tanahu district.

Forgotten city revived

February 16, 2019 02:32 am

I am taken by closeness of Nepali families. Their society thrives on supporting one another.

The Originality of Bandipur

December 19, 2018 12:27 pm

TANAHUN, Dec 19: Bandipur is a famous rural tourism destination in the country. Preserving our tradition is one of the key reasons for the mushrooming tourism in the region. Vice Principal of Bandipur Campus and Bandipur resident, Govardhan Bhattarai stated that there is originality in traditions in Bandipur. The traditional houses with wooden windows and doors and beautifully carved vintage designs are the living examples of facts.”

SIRAHA, Dec 3: Nanu Dahal has frequented Bandipur of Siraha several times in her life. But it was never easy as it nowadays for the local of Mainbatti of Dhanusha district. She had to walk for hours to reach the destination and return home. However, nowadays only an is enough for the trip, thanks to a new suspension bridge and a newly trekking route.

TANAHU, July 15: A cable car way is to be constructed in the historical town of Bandipur.

Tourism flourishing in Bandipur

October 11, 2017 13:17 pm

As the weather changes from being muddy and rainy to clear and beautiful, the number of domestic tourists increases in Bandipur. Holidays are coming and going due to the Dashain and Tihar festivals, and Bandipur witnesses an influx of domestic tourists during this period.

KASKI, July 24: A friendly relation has been established between two places in Tanahu district known as model destinations of ecological tourism-Bandipur and Dhampus with a view to promoting tourism in  both places .

BANDIPUR, June 30: There are certain things one has to look for if s/he is directing a film.

BANDIPUR, June 28: Bandipur, a small tourist town in Tanahu district, is seeing shortage of drinking water.

TANAHU, Dec 15: A 60-year-old Indian national was found dead at a roadside at Bandipur Municipality-4 in Tanahu district on Wednesday.