Yeshi Gaga: My mom is my greatest inspiration

Published On: July 30, 2016 09:51 AM NPT By: Republica

Yeshi Dolma Lama, or better known as Yeshi Gaga, is a Germany-based Nepali YouTube fashion blogger, comedian, and a makeup artist. She took a moment to talk with Republica’s Arun Budhathoki to explain her meteoric rise in the makeup industry.

“I am just a normal person with big dreams who was born in Boudha. I moved to Germany six years ago and have always lived with fearless perceptions about the world,” she says. 

On her journey as a fashion blogger
As a kid, I started the trend of quarter pants in my community by simply folding up my long jeans. At the age of 13, I took a pair of scissors and completely changed the look of my plain jeans. When I turned 15, I changed my hair color into blonde.

I figured out that I need to share my fashion knowledge with others. That’s when I started doing dress reviews and shared tips to wear certain dress in various ways. I took training for hair dressing from HABIBS.

On her makeup tutorials
The processes for beauty tutorials are very easy. But the nerve wrecking part is editing, lighting and voice over. When people watch any beauty tutorials, they don’t realize how difficult it is for one to make a single video. The hardest part for me is to check these technical issues while doing tutorials.

My first video was about a hair tutorial, which included four K-pop hairstyles. After posting that tutorial, a lot of young viewers tried the hairstyle on them and tagged me on their photos. I felt so proud and happy that people were appreciating my skill and benefiting from it.

I have been ridiculed for looking the way I do but it really didn’t matter to me.

On her videos

Our life is a big set and we are the actors, but the only thing that’s missing is the director and editor. So, I just pick one of my memories from the past and develop it as
comedy skit.

I spontaneously write the scripts spontaneously. All of my characters in are inside my head so it is easy to perform.

On her mom and Tenzin Tsenlek

My famous mom became known to youngsters from the ‘Kya Bejjat’ skit. My mom is an artist, a business woman, a bit superstitious but she’s super cool. I think she is the perfect example of “today’s generation mom”. Growing up listening to her struggling days really tears my heart apart. But she is strong and a powerful inspiration to me.

Tenzin Tsenlek is the gem of all my comedy skits. I can’t imagine someone playing the role of my skits characters other than him. He’s a very shy and sensitive person who loves to cook.
Life in Germany

 I chose to move to Germany because I wanted to experience life in my own terms.  
All my videos were shot and uploaded after I came to Germany. I get many mails from Nepali fans from USA, England, Europe, Canada, Israel, and Kathmandu.

On being an entertainer

I vividly remember my childhood days when my family always gave away bags full of clothes to village girls every year. I think it is just that blessing and karma that today I am approached by many clothing companies to review their clothing.

On success

I think living abroad has its own advantages but if you are unable to move to other countries, you are not missing out anything special.

Study hard; follow your heart and passion. You will always be on the right path and be happy.

If we don’t love ourselves then how can we expect anyone else to
love us?

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