Police intensify probe into Bandegaun aashram with sniffer dogs

Published On: January 10, 2019 05:35 PM NPT By: Dhruba Dangal

SINDHUPALCHOWK, Jan 10: Police have started a fresh investigation into the alleged killing of a disciple at Bandegaun aashram of Ram Bahadur Bamjam, a self-proclaimed hermit, in the district on Thursday.

A special squad of Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has reached Bamjam’s aashram with six sniffer dogs. They have cordoned the aashram and are now carrying out investigation.

Disciple Sanchalal Tamang of Makawanpur had gone missing in the aashram itself. Acting on an FIR field by Tamang’s son Mahendra, police started investigation on the speculations that Sanchalal was buried after murder inside the aashram.

Mahendra filed an FIR at the District Police Office, Sindhupalchowk last Thursday alleging that his father Sanchalal went missing from Bandegaun aashram itself.

A CIB team had raided Bandegaun aashram and investigated the case for two days – last Friday and Saturday.

Mahendra, in the FIR, claimed that his father Sanchalal was murdered and buried along with 20 packets of salt to fast decompose his body.

The CIB team said they found a five feet deep pit filled with loose mud while they were digging the suspicious area inside the aasharm.

Following speculations that the remains must have been removed from the pit and burnt out to destroy evidences, sniffer dogs have been used, said police sources.

There have been accusations that a total of five disciples including Sanchalal have gone missing from Bamjam’s various aashrams.

The victims’ families have been claiming that three among those missing disciples disappeared from Bandegaun aashram alone. Victims’ families have already filed FIRs at their respective districts demanding investigation into the case.

In the course of searching evidences, a police team from Sindhupalchowk District Police Office led by DSP Bimal Raj Kandel has fanned out to Sindhuli-based Bamjan's aashram. They have taken disciple Indra Bahadur Syangtan of Makawanpur under control for investigation.


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