Can your fingertips unleash the genius in you?

Published On: March 22, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica

KATHMANDU, March 22: The patterns on your fingers not only define your sole identity but also the attributes and multiple intelligences that you carry within. To detect those attributes, all you need to do is to provide your fingerprints sample to undergo a Dermatoglyphic Mutiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) at Thumbrule Nepal.

Thumbrule Nepal is a technology-based testing center which has introduced the DMI (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence) technology for the first time in Nepal. It is a scientific method developed out of the analysis of fingerprint patterns that has been working in collaboration with the Singapore based Asian Dermatoglyphics Research Center (ADRC).

Many scientific studies have been conducted to study dermatoglyphics. Fingerprints are closely associated with mind development. Studies link between finger patterns and human brain lobes. In 1883, Howard Gardner, a German philosopher, in his book, ‘The frame of mind and multiple intelligences’ talked about the idea that humans tend to have eight multiple intelligences which determines their varying abilities in different professional areas.

Thumbrule Nepal has been contributing in counseling. 

The program can describe any individual’s character, enhance parent-child communication and relationship, and helps parents raise their children successfully. 

 “Stepping ahead with the belief that every individual possesses valuable qualities, Thumbrule has attempted to provide the opportunity to let them know what they are good at. We aspire to inspire people worldwide to discover their hidden potential using our unique concept of DMIT,” says Mingmar Tamang, director at Thumbrule Nepal.

DMIT works in more than ten countries now.

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