Police arrest 'drunkard' for attempted rape

Published On: May 3, 2018 04:30 AM NPT By: Bhim Chapagain

ILAM, May 3: Police have arrested Sudip Gurung, 23, in an attempted rape case of an elderly woman of Ilam. He is in custody for further investigation. 

The elderly woman was injured in an incident of attempted rape on Sunday night while she was alone at home.

The accused is from Rong Rural Muncipality. Though earlier the lady was said to be 83 years old, further enquiry has set her age at 78. Meanwhile, the medical report has ruled out rape and the police have confirmed that the incident was an attempted rape.
While she was alone at home, the accused stormed in and attacked her. He tried to rape her and left her injured. The matter came to surface the next day when her daughter found her injured and disturbed. The victim was taken to hospital where she reported to the police that a young guy came to her home and attacked her. 

According to DSP Ramesh Basnet, though the victim's family had filed a rape case, the medical report has made it clear that it was only an attempt to rape. “The report does not confirm it was rape. But an attempt was made. We got the same sense also from the description of the victim,” he said. 

DSP Basnet stated that the accused is a drunkard. He used to make noise and stroll around senselessly while drunk. “So, he has that kind of record. We are yet to find out to what extent he harmed the old lady,” Basnet said. 

The elderly lady of Katahare seemed to be quite frightened when her daughter met her in the morning. The daughter had reported the matter to the police.  


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