Tips on what to wear on First date

March 12, 2020 14:20 pm

If you look uncomfortable, then chances are that your date is going to feel uncomfortable around you, so wear something that puts you at ease. Wear something that makes you feel like you’re the most gorgeous woman in the world.

Tips and tricks for those who wear glasses

What to Wear for a Winter Workout

October 17, 2019 09:00 am

Whether you're running or just going for a walk, dressing for the cold is crucial to maintaining your exercise regime throughout the winter.

More than just shoes

July 26, 2019 09:25 am

It can be heartbreaking to wear a pair of new shoes in Kathmandu – especially in the current context where the roads are bad and the weather couldn’t be any less agreeable. You can’t take two steps without getting mud and dirt all over your clean shoes and you really can’t be bothered with cleaning your shoes every time it gets dirty.

Wear or bare?

May 10, 2019 09:23 am

Whether you want to put on some bold lipstick and do fancy eye makeup or not is up to you. It’s a personal choice. But women are often criticized for both wearing and not wearing makeup. Wear too much and you are called cake-face. Go bare and you are asked if you are tired or sick. In this case, why can you do? Wear or go bare?

What you wear is how you express yourself. Fashion is a form of expression. But there are many places around the world where you have to be mindful of what you wear and dress within strict codes of conduct.

Amazingly Affordable Athleisure

March 22, 2019 10:02 am

In the recent years in Nepal, sports and fitness have slowly become a part of the daily life of the urban population. And with the growing numbers of the fitness inclined, active population comes the need for proper sports or athleisure wear, i.e. clothes that make such activities easier.

The types of colors and patterns that a person chooses to wear could be a warning sign of weight problems, a new study suggests.

KATHMANDU, April 24: Customers have accused Kumari Pati-based Cherry Ladies Fashion Wear of swindling customers by evading taxes.

TIKAPUR, August 29: The bridge connecting the far-western region to the rest of the country has started to wear down due to lack of timely repair. The Karnali bridge built in 1993 has become visibly fragile due to lack of proper maintenance in more than two decades since it came into operation.

KATHMANDU, August 27: Health professionals associated with Nepal Medical Association (NMA) are all set to work wearing black armbands from Monday as part of their protests against granting affiliation to Kathmandu National Medical College (KNMC).

KATHMANDU, July 13: The doctors associated with the National Resident Doctors' Association (NRDA) have tied black arm band in their arms to express solidarity with Dr Govinda KC who is staging fast-unto-death yet again for four days.

LONDON, July 4: Women employees at the social networking giant Facebook are often told not to wear "revealing" dresses that may "distract" co-workers, a former Facebook employee has claimed in his book.