Nikosera lies in the heart of Bhaktapur. The place stands on the way of Araniko Highway between Sallaghari and Purano Thimi. Despite the fact that highway is well-pitched, the streets of Nikosera, however, haven’t been well managed and is damaged.

In Kathmandu-1, 42% of voters think that the Nepali Congress candidate Prakash Man Singh will win the seat for the House of Representatives.

SWIFT and unsure

October 25, 2017 00:48 am

No one, it seems, takes cyber security seriously in Nepal. Not the government or its ministries whose websites are frequently hacked. Not the law enforcement agencies which are slow (and often clueless) about reported cybercrimes. And certainly not the banks and financial institutions (BFIs) that are still reluctant to invest in securing their computer networks and online systems, even though more and more bank transactions have shifted online.

EDGBASTON, August 15: England's cricketers admit they will be taking a leap in the dark when the country hosts its first day-night test, with a pink ball, against the West Indies this week.

VIENNA, Sept 13: The Austrian Football Federation says it still doesn't know who to back in the UEFA presidential election.