TEXAS, June 22: Immigration enforcement on the U.S.-Mexico border was plunged deeper into chaos over President Donald Trump’s reversal of a policy separating immigrant children from parents, causing uncertainty for both migrant families and the federal agencies in charge of prosecuting and detaining them.

Swirls and scribbles

August 25, 2017 09:55 am

Doodling, primarily considered the in-between stage before an idea becomes a full fledged illustration, has sort of come into its own in Kathmandu especially over the past few months with artists offering a range of beautiful, customized products. There are many Instagram accounts, notebook manufacturers, as well as cafes around town where you can see doodles in their full glory. While doodlers have various tendencies, preferences and motivations, all doodlers know the marvelous, mind-dusting reverie of doodling.