KAILALI, July 7: The incessant rainfall last Monday obstructed Mohana-Attariya road section of Kailali district for over five hours.

BARA, May 3: Locals of Jitpur sub-metropolis in Bara district have been reluctant to clear the structures that lie along the path of Birgunj-Pathaliya road, which is being upgraded into a six-lane road. Due to the non-cooperation of the locals the road upgradation works have remained stalled.

BIRGUNJ, April 10: Construction of a second six-lane road, connecting Parbanipur with Gandak Chowk, has started in Birgunj.

KAILALI, Jan 19: Dhangadhi has been shut today demanding that the under-construction six-lane road be retained.

BARA, Nov 23: Work to upgrade the Birgunj-Pathalaiya Road into a six-lane road has started.

BHAKTAPUR, Aug 8: The condition of Kathmandu-Bhaktapur road section is deteriorating every other day due to negligence of concerned authority.