Powerhouse ingredients amp up mild chicken

September 12, 2021 18:00 pm

Mild chicken pairs perfectly with assertive seasonings, so we often search out ingredients that deliver bold, one-stroke flavor solutions. For a stir-fry packed with tons of savoriness, a combination of Chinese oyster sauce and Korean gochujang, a fermented red chili paste, delivers just that, plus a balancing, pleasant sweetness.

Blueberry juice recipe

April 14, 2020 18:31 pm

Made from fresh blueberries, drinking blueberry juice has a lot of benefits to your health. drinking the beverage can provide several health and beauty benefits. Blueberries are potent with antioxidants and so blueberry juice too carries antioxidant properties.

Lemon bar recipe

April 7, 2020 22:31 pm

Firstly prepare the crust by mixing all of the shortbread crust ingredients together and pressing them firmly into a baking pan,

Kathi roll recipe

March 24, 2020 10:37 am

This recipe is fairly simple and the good part is that it's quite healthy.

Recipe of Dosa

March 21, 2020 14:50 pm

Rinse the rice and urad dal in a mesh strainer. Place it in a bowl and add fenugreek seeds. Soak it in water for 2 to 4 hours. While draining it afterward, reserve some amount of water.

Recipe of palak paneer

March 14, 2020 09:14 am

Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil and cook onion until slightly tender.  Add garlic, coriander, turmeric, garam masala, red pepper flakes, curry powder, cumin, and salt; cook and stir until fragrant.

Recipe of Thekuwa

March 10, 2020 10:55 am

Thekuwa is a special ceremonial and cultural dish of Maithili communities in southern plains of Nepal and prepared as a revered offering to God during the Chhat festival.

Recipe of chicken Cordon bleu

March 7, 2020 16:10 pm

Slice the chicken breast and place a cheese on each chicken breast within 1/2 inch of the edges. Fold the edges of the chicken over the filling, and secure with toothpicks.

Recipe of white chocolate

February 29, 2020 12:17 pm

Melt the cocoa butter and vanilla extract together. Stir in the powdered sugar, powdered milk, and seeds from the vanilla bean until completely incorporated.

Recipe: Potato and cauliflower curry

February 25, 2020 09:00 am

Recipe: Potato and cauliflower curry

Sisne Jhol

February 22, 2020 20:00 pm

Nettle known as “Sisno” in Nepali, has a high nutritional value, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins A, B, C along with dietary fiber. It is commonly cooked by the hill-area population as a soup or combined with the staples to make a thick broth.

Recipe of Chukauni

February 18, 2020 09:00 am

One of the popular salad made in the western region of Nepal, especially in Palpa district, Chukauni is a spicy salad where potato is dressed with sour yogurt.

Momo: Recipe

February 15, 2020 17:00 pm

Mix together the flour and water in a bowl. Knead the dough well until it is medium-firm and flexible. Cover and let rest for 1 hour.

Recipe of Kwati

February 11, 2020 16:09 pm

From ancient times most of Nepalese homes used to cook and eat Kwati (soup made from mix of lentils) on the day of Janai Purnima.

Vegan chickpea recipe

February 4, 2020 13:08 pm

Stir in chickpeas, garlic, curry powder, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper until combined. Add spinach, coconut milk, and flour, and stir again. Bring the curry to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for 10-12 minutes.

Recipe of Garlic Chicken

February 1, 2020 19:00 pm

Heat olive oil and garlic in a small saucepan over low heat until warmed. Then transfer garlic and oil in a bowl.

Mac and cheese recipe

January 28, 2020 10:00 am

Cook macaroni according to the package directions.

Salmon recipe

January 25, 2020 19:40 pm

Mix butter, white wine, lemon juice, and garlic together in a small bowl.

Chicken puff recipe

January 15, 2020 08:52 am

Cook and stir skinless, boneless chicken breast, onion and garlic. Cook until onions are tender and chicken is lightly browned.

Homemade cheese ball recipe

January 13, 2020 10:00 am

In a large bowl or stand mixer, add the cream cheese and mix until smooth.

Oreo cake recipe

January 12, 2020 15:01 pm

In a blender, crush the Oreo cookies to a fine powder. Now add milk, sugar, baking powder and blend well. Adjust the quantity of milk in a way it is of pouring consistency.

Recipe of pancake

January 9, 2020 13:49 pm

In large bowl, whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Add milk, butter and, egg; stir until flour is moistened.

Oreo milkshake recipe

January 8, 2020 14:17 pm

With the use of only 4 ingredients and maximum 15 minutes of time from start to finish, Oreo milkshake is just what you want to sip all day.

Blueberry cheesecake recipe

January 7, 2020 14:19 pm

Here's how you make a blueberry cheese cake.

Creamy rice pudding

January 6, 2020 13:30 pm

Rice pudding, when made with natural ingredients, can be a healthier alternative to ice cream and other treats in winter. It has a simple recipe and can be made right in your home within a short time frame.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

January 5, 2020 14:15 pm

There's nothing quite better than homemade hot chocolate made with good quality dark chocolate and whole milk, topped with real whipped cream to keep you warm and happy on a cold winter day.

Recipe of crispy and creamy doughnuts

January 2, 2020 13:57 pm

Sprinkle the yeast over the warm water, and let stand until foamy

Banana bread recipe

December 30, 2019 10:30 am

Banana bread recipe

This is how to cook delicious meatballs

December 17, 2019 12:16 pm

Meatball is the perfect staple for any kitchen! It’s easy to prep and these meatballs come out juicy and full of flavor every time. Here's the recipe:

For food fanatics

July 19, 2019 10:08 am

Whether we actually enjoy cooking or not, all of us are guilty of binge watching numerous food and recipe YouTube videos in a single sitting – that eventually only results in us craving every mouthwatering dish the chefs in these videos cook.

Your kids will love the dish, and soya nuggets will take care of their health, so try this recipe now and relish it with your loved ones.

For grilled pork skewers that were moist and flavorful, we turned to boneless country-style ribs, which are quick-cooking and tender, yet have enough fat to keep them from drying out. The flavorful North African-inspired seasonings of garlic, lemon, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon did double duty, first in a marinade and later in a basting sauce. As a base for the relish, we grilled onions alongside the pork.

KATHMANDU, May 8: A recipe collection of typical Nepali cuisines was launched amid a function in Kathmandu on Monday.

Easy egg recipe

June 16, 2017 09:39 am

Easy egg recipe