Recalling 2074 Welcoming 2075

April 12, 2018 07:57 am

Four months into the New Year 2018 and we have the Nepali New Year 2075 (according to Bikram Sambat), just around the corner. The festival invites celebrations from Nepalis both within and without the country.

MUMBAI, Oct 12: In an industry where female actors are tight-lipped about various facets of their lives, the Bollywood starlet Deepika Padukone is a class apart.

Recalling Pushpa Lal

July 23, 2016 00:15 am

Indian communist leader Nripendra Chakrawarti suggested that Pushpa Lal should establish a communist party in Nepal

Recalling SLC Days

June 22, 2016 15:22 pm

Quality education wasn’t my school’s strong suit. When the SLC exams came around, we were more interested in acquiring question papers from the teachers. They provided us with a list of expected questions and we worked on preparing answer chits for them. I think we spent around three months doing just that and studying very less. This is how I passed with second division. But this actually hampered my studies because when I came to Kathmandu and joined RR Campus, I found it difficult to study or perform well.