GORKHA, June 9: Uhiya village of Gorkha is unique. Here, people take medicines from doctors but hardly take it without getting it treated by shamans. Preferring shaman's directions to that of doctors is a rule of thumb here. Everyone is comfortable about it here around, reports a local Janga Bahadur Gurung.

Sinead O' Reilly-Henell is the General Manager of Hyatt Regency Kathmandu which recently bagged the 'World Travel Awards 2016' as a leading hotel in Nepal. As Nepal's hospitality and tourism industry recovers from the 2015 earthquakes and subsequent political unrest, Sagar Ghimire of Republica talked with the seasoned hotelier about her experience of working in Nepal, the pace of recovery of hotel and the industry after the 2015 earthquakes, and the hotel's preparation in the competitive environment, among others. Excerpts: